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Frosted Flakes: Nebrasketball Shoutout, Jackrabbits, Stephen Hawking

The one where Jill goes a bit overboard with South Dakota State news. Really, we (she) connect/s it all to Nebraska in the end. Maybe. Sorta.

NCAA Wrestling: Big Ten Wrestling Championship Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

OK folks, I need to make sure you celebrate something special here at CN. Patrick, our fearless Nebrasketball writer has continued to bring you previews, game threads, and recaps. He does this in spite of being a Nebrasketball fan. And having a baby son, whose sleep patterns resemble those of Jill’s dog (more later).

It would be easy to give up. Give in.

Especially when he is not getting paid.

Nebrasketball is a harsh sentence for any Husker fan. This year’s team was fun to watch and a welcome relief in many ways. In other ways, it only makes things worse. Hope is a terrible thing when it comes to Husker hoops.

Patrick, we salute you.

Also, the Husker men take on Mississippi State tonight in the NIT. Join us for the evening game thread around 7:30 central (God’s time zone).

I have not been sleeping well lately. It comes down to our loyal (useless) farm dog barking and howling a lot. She prefers 2 - 3 am for rousing her humans to action. The reason? Coyotes (the bane of Jackrabbits everywhere).

We have tried to ignore her barking only to finally stumble out of bed to scold her and find coyotes in our front yard.

Coyotes are sneaky smart creatures. They will bait dogs by sending one member of the pack to lure a dog into the pasture or field. There, the pack will attack and kill the lone dog. Our farm dog is smart enough to call in the reinforcements. Unfortunately, it means two hours of non-sleep as she barks and howls at her humans (her reinforcements). I have teenage children. I have a dog who is five years old. I thought I was past the “waking up in the middle of the night” crap. I was wrong.

Perhaps my lack of lucidity is why you are getting Jackrabbit-centric news today. Sorry. Not sorry.

Frosted Flakes (With a Heaping Helping of Jackrabbit)

Baseball takes on Northern Colorado, again (1:30 pm central). The Huskers lost 6-3 yesterday as senior Scott Schreiber reached the 200-hit mark in his college career. It’s okay Nebraska, the Jackrabbits lost to the Bears this past weekend too.

Also on tap for Wednesday is a softball doubleheader against South Dakota reason I mention the Jackrabbits, why do you ask?

Oh yeah, if you need a team to cheer for in the NCAA men’s basketball tourney, the Jackrabbit men (12 seed) take on Ohio State (5 seed) on Thursday. I mean, we can all hate the Buckeyes, right? Plus, the Jackrabbits are led by a Nebraska native (Mike Daum). What else do I have to do to convince y’all that the rabbits are the good guys?

Women’s basketball (Nebraska) is a 10 seed and will face the Arizona State Sun Devils (7 seed) in the women’s NCAA tournament on Saturday. ASU is led by a Nebraska native Kianna Ibis who averages 12 points/game. More Nebraska connections in the women’s NCAA tourney? Nebraska native and Husker transfer Jessica Shepard will lead 1 seed Notre Dame in the Spokane bracket. If they beat their first-round opponent, they could take on, none other, than the SDSU Jackrabbits in the second round (if the 8 seed Jacks beat 9 seed Villanova). The Jacks include another Nebraska native (and former high school teammate of Shepard) Riley Cascio Jensen.

What does all of this mean?!?

The bracket sets up for a potential Husker-Jackrabbit national championship battle for women’s basketball. Let us know in the comments below if you think Jon should pay for Jill’s trip to such an event!

In other news, the Husker wrestlers are sending seven men to the NCAA national championships. Coincidentally, so are the Jackrabbits.

Huskers swimming and diving to compete at NCAA Championships | Sports |
Nebraska swimming and diving will compete in its final meet of the season when it travels to Columbus, Ohio, for the NCAA Championships. Two Huskers qualified for the event during... Lucky for you, Jill was too lazy to figure out the Jackrabbit connection for this sport.

Illinois Football: Illini add graduate transfer quarterback AJ Bush
The Illinois football wanted to add more depth to the quarterback situation. The Illini did that with the addition of AJ Bush. (also no SDSU connection - you’re welcome)

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Then There’s This


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The visionary physicist died in his home near Cambridge University, where he did much of his ground-breaking work.

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