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Introducing the Corn Nation National Signing Day Recruit Map

Nebraska may be in the Big Ten but it doesn’t like to recruit there.

National Signing Day 2018 has come and gone, which means it’s time to examine where those recruits came from, along with where they went.

Here’s a summary map of 24-7 Sport’s recruiting rankings. Use the link for a fully interactive map. If you can’t get back to the main map after filtering on the list to the right, just double click the team name.

2018 Signing Day Recruit Map

It’s filtered to start with only P5 conferences and only 2018 recruits, but it has recruits all the way back to 2008. The map zoom and home buttons are at the top left. Most everything you click will highlight or filter, so have fun. Tableau is kinda wonky on phones and tablets, so YMMV if you access from anything other than a laptop or desktop.

In sorting by team, you can determine the philosophy of certain teams’ recruiting. For instance, sorting Iowa recruiting shows that they took just three players from outside of the traditional Big Ten footprint. Contrast this to Nebraska’s focus on Florida, Texas, California and the very heart of the axis of evil itself...Alabama and Georgia.

This is even more apparent when we add the 2015-2017 recruiting seasons.

It also appears that over half of the Big Ten did not have a single recruit from California.

Anyone can reuse this if they like, just please give proper credit. If you want me to tailor it to a particular team you can DM me on Twitter at @paul_dalen.