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Nebraska Basketball Protests White Nationalist on UNL Campus

The team, supported by Tim Miles, sends a message to reject hate.

Jon Johnston

Members of the Nebraska basketball program united Thursday to protest a white nationalist on campus who claimed to be “the most active white nationalist in the Nebraska area.” According to the Lincoln Journal-Star, Nebraska-Lincoln junior Daniel Kleve participated in last summer’s violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia and has said even though he doesn’t look like other white nationalists, that “doesn’t mean that I don’t love violence.”

Stung by criticism of that the University did not support conservative opinions on campus after an incident last fall, chancellor Ronnie Green announced that Kleve wouldn’t be expelled, citing his rights of free speech.

“The student’s viewpoint — however hateful and intolerant it is — is also protected by the First Amendment. That is the law, even if we disagree.”

Wednesday, about 200 people rallied on campus to express their concern about the situation.

Nebraska basketball coach Tim Miles didn’t speak, but did tell the Omaha World-Herald he attended in support of his players, saying “they’re extremely troubled by this.”

Thursday evening, the team took to Twitter with a unified message.

Tim Miles formally chimed in late Thursday night:

A simple, strong - and most importantly - unified message rejecting hate from players with diverse backgrounds.