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Nebraska Recruiting: OT Willie Canty III Commits to Huskers

Yes He Will and Yes He Can!


Great news from the Sunshine State!

Willie Canty III, 6-6 290lb three star from Belle Glades, FL, has committed to the Huskers! Canty seriously considered offers from Louisville, UCF, and a host of G5 teams. He made official visits to Louisville and Nebraska. His final visit was in Lincoln, however, and the momentum from that visit tipped the scales in our favor.

Canty has good burst, and is an excellent run blocker. He did a good job of keeping the defenders in front of him and driving them down the field. His pad level is little high, and he could use a bit of lateral mobility against a mobile pass rusher. Canty has the frame to succeed in the B1G. Nebraska desperately needs a true offensive tackle, so Willie is a very important addition to the team. Canty needs development, but our roster has the numbers to allow him to do so.

Welcome to the Husker family, Willie! GBR!