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Nebraska Recruiting: 2018 Signing Day Spectacular! (Updated 3:48PM)

Spectacular Spectacular!

Nebraska vs. Northwestern Gallery

Good morning Husker faithful! We’ve got a signing day lined up for you that will be replete with dramatic announcements, hopefully the bulk of which will require champagne! Signing day hasn’t always been good to the Huskers, but Fearless Leader Scott Frost and his Superlative Staff have us in good position with a bunch of recruits. Hopefully we can pull at least one of these guys, maybe more. We’re anxiously awaiting announcements from the following prospects:

Cam Taylor - 9:00AM

Maurice Washington - 1:45pm on ESPN2

Javontae Jean-Baptiste - 7:00-8:30AM

Jarrett Bell - 3:00PM on ESPN

Otitio Ogbonnia - 10:00AM

Andre Hunt - 3:00 PM on FOX Sports West

Ken Montgomery - 8:40AM

Taiyon Palmer - 8:00AM or 1:30PM, have conflicting reports

Willie Canty III - 9:30AM

Caleb Tannor - 7:45AM

Jalan Robinson - 2:45PM

Some of these guys will be N, others will just wish they were.

We’ll also be anxiously watching the fax machine to see faxes from the following commits:

Cam’ron Jones

C.J. Smith

Dominick Watt

Miles Jones

Casey Rogers

Braxton Clark

York Nebraska’s Masry Mapieu will not be signing with the Huskers. He could not get his ACT high enough to automatically qualify. He will be enrolling at Iowa Western Community College. I don’t believe the book is written on Mapieu, there’s just going to be a few extra chapters is all.

The following walk-ons should be faxing in paperwork as well:

Corbin Frederick

Isaiah Stalbird

Anthony Banderas

Joey Johnson

Simon Otte

Bennett Folkers

Cade Mueller

Moses Bryant

What an incredible walk-on class this year, eh?

Now, just a reminder, these are kids, making difficult personal decisions. When I was seventeen, I made the decision to wear a mullet and burn smiley faces into my forearm with a cigarette lighter. So be easy on them. Virtually any university they choose will take care of their personal and professional growth (well except for Michigan State, Baylor, or Penn State). Let’s just wish these kids well, no matter the decision, and not base our self esteem and whether or not to drink ourselves to oblivion with cheap gin on their choices.

Entering the day, the Husker recruiting class is sitting at 27th, fourth in the B1G. I hope the staff can hold serve today, keeping this class inside the top 25. Coupled with the outstanding walk-on group, there’s a lot of potential in this class. Let’s sit back and see how the chips fall!

****6:29 AM****

Miles Jones starts off the day right, faxing in his LOI.

****6:38 AM****

Casey Rogers has faxed in his LOI.

****7:21 AM****

Mike Williams, a JUCO WR who is already on campus, has signed his paperwork.

Cam’ron Jones has faxed in his LOI.

****7:39 AM****

An update on the Javontae Jean-Baptiste (no relation) situation. His school is closed due to winter storms in New Jersey. Everything is TBD right now. Here at the Cornnation Weather Center, we’ll keep you up to date the minute events transpire. #frostwarning - has to be a sign, right?

****8:38 AM****

Dominick Watt has faxed his LOI.

****8:50 AM****

Caleb Tannor picks the Huskers! We win a Signing Day Hat Ceremony!

His commitment moves us to 24th, although this will move quite a bit throughout the day.

****9:39 AM****

Cam Taylor is N! This Alabama ATH will play DB for the Huskers

****10:07 AM****

A lineman! A lineman! A lineman! Sweet Glory, a lineman!

****11:23 AM****

DL prospect Otito Ogbonnia picks UCLA. DL will be a key recruiting area next year.

In other news Omaha North’s Milton Sargbah has signed with IWCC. We may see him again in the future, depending on how attrition plays out.

Husker class sits at 24. Michigan has suffered some surprise signing day losses, and has slipped to 19th. 3rd place in B1G is attainable!

****10:42 AM****

BOOOOO! Urban Meyer announces the commitment of Javontae Jean-Baptiste. I hate pizza of all emotional states!

Braxton Clark has faxed his LOI.

****11:42 AM****

Took advantage of a break in the action to get a cup of coffee. The only creamer in the house is Pumpkin Spice!!! #prayforme #sendhelp #andcreamer

****1:51 PM****

Jarrett Bell’s handlers choose Arizona State as expected.

Maurice Washington is N!

This should move the class to 21 on the 247 composite!

****3:03 PM****

Jalan Robinson will not be signing today. He received an offer from Kansas just this morning. I believe he is not a take for the Huskers after the signing of Canty.

****3:18 PM****

Scott Frost presser starting:

****3:48 PM****

Andre Hunt Picks the Huskers! That’s five signing day wins, and almost 6 if it hadn’t snowed in New Jersey. What a great day for the Huskers!