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Frosted Flakes: Big Ten Basketball in New York City, Iowa Is The Best State!?

There’s a lot of complaining about the choice of MSG for the Big Ten Tourney... and Iowa is ranked as the best state? They didn’t take something into account...

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NCAA Basketball: Big 10 Media Day
People be bitching about Big Jim’s choices this basketball season...
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

I hated what I wrote for today so I threw it away. Instead I’m just winging it, which... okay, fine, isn’t much different than normal.

Let’s jump right in!


Eric Crouch gets a job!

Crouch will be a running backs coach.

The Big Ten tournament At Madison Square Garden

It is vogue this week, particularly if you are a media member, to complain about the Big Ten basketball tournament being at Madison Square Garden in NYC (Manhattan, if you’re being picky, I really don’t effing care.)

Big Ten basketball tournament in Madison Square Garden is stupid idea

Big Ten basketball tournament in Madison Square Garden is a greedy and stupid idea, but it begins this week in New York City, where it will be ignored

I admit, I’ve never been to NYC. I’d like to go sometime... but up until my life-changing event, nearly all of my traveling for vacations/time off has been to the wilderness. Give me a week in the Boundary Waters in a canoe, and you can have all the NYC you want.

I’ve seen comments that the Big Ten basketball tourney should rotate between Chicago and Indianapolis. I’ve enjoyed my trips to Chicago in the past. OTOH, other than the Indy 500, which we are not talking about, I cannot think of a reason as to why I’d want to go to Indianapolis.

In fact, the tourney will be rotating between Chicago and Indianapolis over the next few years, returning to the United Center in Chicago in 2019 and 2021, then to Bankers Life Fieldhouse in 2020 and 2022.

I asked on twitter why I’d ever want to go to Indianapolis for an event, and Gregg Doyel of the Indy Star, the article linked above, responded:

Objectively, you could ask the same question about having the Big Ten baseball tournament in Omaha... and Doyel’s response would be appropriate - Omaha does a really good job with college baseball. Of course, we’ve seen what happens with attendance when you have the college baseball tourney somewhere else besides Nebraska. Not good.

I received more responses from concerned Indy fans:

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Big Ten basketball tournament in Madison Square Garden is stupid idea
Big Ten basketball tournament in Madison Square Garden is a greedy and stupid idea, but it begins this week in New York City, where it will be ignored

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The Hawkeyes’ regular season didn’t go as planned. Now Iowa basketball turns to what is likely to be their only postseason play: the Big Ten Tournament.

Some Inside Michigan State Want “Massive” Lawsuit Against Alleged Media Falsehoods | Spartan Nation

Spartan Nation learned after the ESPN article on Michigan State walk-on Brock Washington that there are some inside the University that are tired of what they believe to be a media witch hunt against the school and some of the student-athletes. While we were told that they have NOT had a discussion with President Engler as of yet, that they believe the sentiment and resolves is there do it and they believe that it will be discussed.

This is a very good way to not attract more attention to yourself after enabling a child molester. Winning a defamation lawsuit will do a lot to do away with the court of public opinion... or you could just shut up and take your lumps as you should, dumbasses.

Then There’s This

Iowa Claims No. 1 Spot on 2018 Best States Rankings Through Strong Infrastructure, Health Care and Education | Best States | US News

There’s more to the Hawkeye State than corn and presidential primaries, the Best States rankings show.

Minnesota comes in at #2. Nebraska at #7.

When I first saw this, I thought... “yeah, but did they take into account that the state is filled with Iowegians? NO NO NO THEY DID NOT”, because if they did, Iowa would drop a long ways.

I mean... not down to Florida and Mississippi levels, let’s not be that partial and mean, but A LONG WAYS.. like below Nebraska.

Where they belong.

Arrrghh... I forgot to include this so it’s a late add

I have always enjoyed Ivan Maisel’s commentary on college football. He speaks well, and he is a damned good writer.

I Keep Trying to Catch His Eye – Ivan Maisel – Medium
The girls mature. Our lives evolve. I look at a new haircut and see the gray that had been hiding beneath. My wife, his mother, his rock for 21 years, slowly gets her pins beneath her after absorbing the concussive blow of his death. Max remains in that photo, the earth spinning him away from us with every revolution.