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Frosted Flakes: Everything Will be Alright in the End

Patience and Understanding

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Illinois Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Following Nebraska basketball can be a bit frustrating. I will probably write more about this after this season is all said and done but it is true. At least for the casual fan.

Going into this weekend the Huskers had very little room for error. Now that Illinois handed them a defeat in Champaign it is even smaller. I will fully admit, it was very tough watching the Huskers get beat by the last place team in the Big Ten Conference.

However, we do not want just any team to make the NCAA Tournament. While it would be nice to make the dance the last thing we want is to be embarrassed when we get there. To excise old demons Nebraska needs to go and win. It cannot make it and get blown out.

Right now, the Huskers are playing like a team that is on the brink but not quite there yet. I feel that they need to improve a bit for them to be deserving of the honor of making it. The fact that they are sitting on the edge looking in is good. But we need more security from the play on the court to ensure their success in the post season. Right now, I am not quite sure it is there.

I’m not trying to bring this team down. They are a very good and talented squad. Wherever they go this post season, it will be deserved. However, that doesn’t mean they should make the dance.

It is important to know that the NIT is no measly constellation prize. There is no shame in making it a going far. Right now, the Huskers could very well miss out on the NCAA Tournament and sit very comfortably in the NIT. There, the big red could make a very nice run and set themselves up for a very nice 2018-19 season. This squad will bring back a majority of the unit.

Another year with these guys could do the trick. A year from now they could be a team that not only will make the tournament, but also be in a position to make a decent run while there.

Being a Nebrasketball fan means that you have a bit of optimism. One will not fare well if you are an all or die fan that takes each game as life or death. Save that for football. One or two games can destroy your season there. Basketball, it takes a bit more. Just like it takes a little more strength to be a Nebrasketball fan.

Anyway, on to flakes...


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