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Frosted Flakes: Olympics and Nebrasketball Are On My Mind

Watching the Olympics? I am. Nebraska basketball? That too. The second is more nerve wracking.

Medal Ceremony - Winter Olympics Day 4 Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Light today on commentary because of the demands of my regular job. Poor server performance at one site has lead to severe problems in the organization getting work done.

There are two things on my mind with regards to sports:

I am anxious about whether or not the men’s basketball team will make the NCAA tourney. I feel like this could be the year, the team, that could do that one thing Nebraska has never done. It will be very disappointing if they at least don’t get the opportunity. If I have this background anxiousness going on, how much pressure do you think the basketball team feels, even if they’re trying like hell to avoid it?

The Olympics. The sports are interesting. All this snow boarding stuff that didn’t exist only a few years ago - it’s pretty wild. I have been watching some of the coverage. I try to avoid the bitching about everything that you can find without much trouble. I focus on the stories that are fun, i.e., Chloe Kim and Red Gerard, for example.

Yes, the Olympic flame lighting include a giant fire penis. I said the same to Mrs CN as we were watching it the first time. If I remember the last Olympics in Rio correctly, there was tons of negative coverage of just about everything and the Olympics themselves turned out pretty well, right? Maybe I’m just blocking out the parts I don’t want to remember. You can do that... it makes life more enjoyable.


University unveils 'serious' cuts ahead of state budget hearing | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Seven University of Nebraska-Lincoln academic, research and extension programs have been identified for potential closure or deep cuts, Chancellor Ronnie Green announced. The cuts are to be outlined during a Feb. 14 budget hearing before the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee.

Olympic experience fuels Tomasevicz's teaching, research | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln
From earning Olympic gold to shaping research, Curt Tomasevicz has discovered a world of opportunity at Nebraska.

Husker coaches breaking down the signees: Wide receivers
Nebraska bulked up their numbers at the wide receiver position in a big way in this recruiting class.

Husker coaches breaking down the signees: Running backs
The competition pool got deeper in a hurry at running back for the Huskers.

Huskers Taking "Win To Get In" Approach for NCAA - Nebraska Huskers
Indeed, no Big Ten team with at least 20 overall wins and fewer than seven conference losses has missed the NCAA tournament.

But what if Nebraska stubs its toe – whether Tuesday night at home against Maryland, or Sunday at Illinois? Or what about those final two home games, against Indiana and resurgent Penn State?

Big Ten In The NCAA Tournament: Who’s In And Who Has Work To Do - Off Tackle Empire
Three Big Ten teams are locked to make the tournament but the conference could see as many as 6 teams get in. What do they need to do to make it happen?

Wide Receiver Joseph Lewis arrested for felony domestic violence charge - Conquest Chronicles

USC Wide Receiver Joseph Lewis arrested for domestic violence, USC has suspended Lewis from all football activities.

Wasn’t this guy wanted by Nebraska?

College football recruiting might be getting top-heavy again -
2017 and 2018 each had three different classes that could’ve ranked No. 1 in earlier years.

Penn State Basketball Fans Gel As The Team Rises To Its Potential - Black Shoe Diaries
Prospects have changed since the last meeting with Ohio State. It’s no longer a question of whether the team can make the NCAA tournament, but rather, what it would take from this point to qualify.

How run/pass options work differently in the NFL than in college football -
While NBC’s Cris Collinsworth didn’t seem terribly clear on what exactly is an RPO — they necessarily involve true run blocking, and aren’t just play-action calls — they were an important component of the Eagles’ strategy. These playoffs cemented RPOs as neither a college nor pro thing, but a football thing.



Did Adam Rippon get robbed by Olympic figure skating judges? Not exactly -
But not attempting a quad on any of his jumping passes is exactly why Rippon found himself behind Chan and Kolyada, going by the rules put in placing following the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

USA vs. Russian team 2018 live stream: Time, TV channel, and how to watch women's Olympic hockey online -
The United States women’s hockey team will play its second of three round robin games on Tuesday against the Olympic Athletes from Russia. The game between Team USA and the Russians begins at 7:10 a.m. ET and will be streamed live on NBC’s Olympics website and broadcast live on NBCSN.

Chloe Kim wins 2018 Olympics gold medal: Watch her halfpipe final runs -
The 17-year-old U.S. snowboarder dominated the women’s halfpipe competition to win gold in her first Winter Olympics.

Then There’s This

‘Shark Tank’ Investors Just Pumped $400K Into an All-Avocado Restaurant - Eater

Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran now own a piece of Avocaderia in Brooklyn

WTF is this?