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The Last Hurrah for 2018 Husker Football Recruiting Happens This Weekend (UPDATED 10:32AM)


Greetings and salutations, Husker faithful! The final weekend of recruiting is upon us! After signing day, there’s nothing to do but speculate on the identity of the starting quarterback, to get us through until spring practice starts (with the attendant speculation on the identity of the starting QB in the spring game). Then, it’s an entire summer of breaking down the performances of the quarterbacks during the spring game, and talking ourselves into expectations of a higher and higher season win total until fall camp starts. So, let’s enjoy this last recruiting weekend with unbridled optimism for the future of Husker Football!

There are only seven official visits available for the 2018 recruiting season. The staff is being very selective who they bring in. Everyone coming has a commitable offer, and we are leading or close on their crystal ball. Here are those seven magnificent visitors: (See what I did there? See it?)

Ken Montgomery, four star cornerback from Tampa, FL. This is a late addition, the staff thought we were out. Montgomery isn’t liking what he’s seeing from the Terps or something, and put us back on the board. Something is going on up in College Park, they just had another 4 star DB decommit from them as well.

Otito Ogbonnia, three star defensive lineman out of Texas, five star all-name team. The staff has been working on him due to Masry Mapieu’s probable inability to qualify.

Maurice Washington, four star RB/WR is finally coming this weekend. The staff likes their chances here, and so do I although somehow Arizona State is in play. Yes, we all know about bewbs.

Willie Canty, an offensive tackle. Evidently Coach Frost read the site, saw the complaints, and went to get some linemen. Got a good feeling about him, his 247 profile pic looks like the camera guy checked out his girlfriend, and is about to have to eat said camera.

Bobby Lawrence, ANOTHER offensive lineman! This guy is from Missouri and is currently committed to Iowa State as a grey shirt. Don’t sell this guy short, though. Ever notice that a lot of linemen recruits have nicknames as their full names? What does that mean?

Andre Hunt, three star WR. I don’t know too much about this kid, he seemed like a plan B, but the staff has been recruiting him all along. He is a USC decommit. Another speedy deep threat, from what I’ve read.

Habakkuk Baldonado, three star hybrid OLB/DE from Italy, and another strong all-name team contender. He’s very raw, but incredibly athletic. A project, possibly a bit of a gamble, but tons of upside. We’re battling Oregon and Michigan State for him.

In a radio interview, Omaha World-Herald writer Sam McKeown stated that he had learned the staff was looking to take 24-27 in the 2018 class. Should this come about, a class ranking in the 15-18 range is a definite possibility, especially with the caliber of recruits that are leaning Husker.

Well, I didn’t.

Stay tuned for updates, and hopefully a bunch of commitment tweets! GBR!

****UPDATE**** Just published this, and there’s already changes!

DE prospect Habakkuk Baldonado has stated his visit was cancelled by the coaching staff. They feel good about their chances with Javontae Jean-Baptiste. Which is good, because JJB is a baller, but is bad because I had his commitment article already written, and it was all in Italian, and it was going to be awesome.

OT prospect Bobby Lawrence is no longer visiting. In light of pressure from Nebraska and Missouri offering him, Iowa State upped their grey shirt offer to a full scholarship offer. BUT, Kansan OT prospect Jalan Robinson is visiting this minute on an unofficial.