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FINALLY! Nebraska Basketball Stomps Creighton 94-75!

Tim Miles finally got it done against Creighton, and in an exciting fashion.

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

If you missed this game, you picked the wrong game to miss. Best game of the year.

Miles Jacket Tracker: 19:15 (after Palmer’s first three)

Holy offensive outburst to start this game, with James Palmer Jr. making his first three pointers and Creighton matching each time. Coming into this game, all the experts said it should be a fast, flying type of game, as Nebraska led 11-9 at the U16 Media Timeout.

The offense didn’t slow down after that. Thomas Allen showed off his quickness and ability to get the hoop, and Isaiah Roby converted two and-ones. However, Palmer picked up his second foul at the 12 minute mark.

It didn’t seem like Nebraska had any offensive possessions that went awry. They always managed to get a good shot, or make tough shots towards the end of the shot clock. After the U12 Media Timeout, NU went on a 13-2 run to take the 34-16 lead.

In the last four minutes though, Creighton began to claw back. Ending the half on a 9-0 run, Creighton cut the lead to 13, with the score 47-34. Mitch Ballock kept the Jayhawks in the game for the first half, shooting 4-4 from three point range.

Ballock didn’t slow down after the break, making his first two threes and helping Creighton get the lead down to single digits within the first four minutes. Nebraska started out hot too as well, with Palmer and Allen continuing to lead the charge. Allen’s performance tonight is very similar to his performance against Kansas last year...maybe he will start doing this every game.

As soon as Ballock sat, the Huskers went on a tear. Creighton didn’t really have an offensive weapon and Nebraska re-established their double digit lead at the U8 Media Timeout. Throughout this entire game Glynn Watson Jr. and the defense did a really good job of shutting down Ty-Shon Alexander, Creighton’s biggest scoring threat.

The rest of the half went Nebraska’s way, and represented what I believe to be Nebraska’s best game all year. No one had a bad game. Roby committed a couple a turnovers, and Nana Akenten got beat a couple times on defense, but other than that, what a game.

Palmer finished with 30 points, going 6-7 from three point range! Almost beat out Ballock’s 7-9. I’ve already talked about Allen’s play, but wanted to give him even more recognition, because he played so well tonight. The final score: Nebraska 94, the Cheaters 75.

With that performance, Nebraska should remain in the AP Top 25, and should stay that way for the rest of December with an easy schedule. GBR!