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Nebrasketball: Creighton Bluejays Game Thread

Lincoln vs. Omaha basketball fun!

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Creighton Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska vs. Creighton Game Thread

Date: Saturday, December 8th

Time: 5:00pm CST

Location: Lincoln, NE


Streaming: BTN2Go

Radio: KLIN, TuneIn

Odds: Nebraska (-7)

It’s put up or shut up time of the year. Winner gets bragging rights for those of you Husker and Bluejay fans who live in the Omaha metro area. For those of us in Greater Nebraska, we just want to be Creighton. I say that because there are only so many Bluejay fans out here. They are out here, just not a whole lot.

I mean a university of roughly 8,300 students per year and a good chunk of them are from out of state can only push out so many to the rest of the state. It’s not a slam on Creighton. It’s just math.

Also, math has Nebraska winning this game. So we have that going for us.

Enjoy the game and let’s keep the comments clean. We are not like the football threads where people get mouthy and banned. Right?