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Nebraska Recruiting: Tony Fair Decommits From Nebraska

JUCO NT Opens Up Recruitment After Radio Silence From Coaching Staff


The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away.

JUCO nose tackle Tony Fair, a 6-3 330lb three star at Pima C.C. in Arizona, has decommitted from the Cornhuskers. Fair committed to the Huskers all the way back in July. He was an academic risk, though, because he didn’t look good for graduating early. Nebraska, as has been noted previously, isn’t really interested in JUCO prospects unless they are December grads. Fair was not in a good spot.

However, he buckled down and took 23(!) hours, plus some fast-forward courses. Tony reported that everything was going to work out for a December graduation, but Nebraska wanted to see on paper that he was going to clear with the NCAA, so there wasn’t a repeat of the Dominick Watt situation. That hasn’t happened yet.

Complicating this is the unforeseen grad transfer of former Oklahoma State Cowboy Darrion Daniels. I personally believe that event kind of came out of nowhere, but this is where things are at. The urgent need for a JUCO nose tackle has been mitigated, there’s an academic question, and the coaches are a little gun shy from last season. The end result is Tony is left out in the cold. He has to take care of his future, just like the coaches have to take care of the team.

Personally, I would hand Vaha Vainuku a bus ticket to Salt Lake City, wish him well, and welcome Fair to Lincoln. Perhaps once the NCAA clearance question is answered, Fair will be asked to recommit. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. GBR!