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Cheese and Copters

Our local CU vs. NU aficionado gives us an update on the rivalry

It’s Big Game Week, everyone. Such a big week that my brother Jay is back in town this week and we will go to the game together. He moved away a few years ago, but he keeps a close eye on the Creighton basketball team, like most of their fans, and enjoys watching them play every game on TV in front of 18,200 fans at the Centu CHI Health Club.

Jay has never been to Pinnacle Bank Arena, but he is looking forward to his first trip. He was able to take a week off, since he has $100,000 and a good job, you know, like a really good job (#YoTugs). Jay had a great time visiting and shaking hands with people while we spent last Saturday afternoon in the LexusClub during the Creighton vs Gonzaga game. Many fans in the LexusClub were upset at the decision making by Coach Greg McDermott during the Gonzaga game, when he elected not to play Toby Hegner. My brother is even more concerned this week, since he says most BlueJay fans think Hegner would be a good weapon against the Huskers. These BlueJays fans really know their basketball!

An amazing and unseen compilation of items will unfold on Saturday at Pinnacle Bank Arena when the Bluejays of Creighton roll into Lincoln via a luxury bus for a late afternoon tip against Nebrasketball. Some items to keep an eye on.

  • One wonders if Coach Miles will defeat McDermott, his nemesis and golf buddy, while being the presumed favorite?
  • Will BlueJays broadcaster “Jaysker John Bishop” be able to contain himself when he growls out the call on the very first “Five Points Bank Three Point Shot”?
  • Can Chris Pankonin find a place to insert DMX in both the first half AND the second half?
  • How will Lincoln radio host Jack Mitchell handle the pressure of this day? All morning and afternoon leading up to the game, and then the game itself is a lot for a guy to handle.
  • Can Andy Kendeigh make it out of PBA with his fancy sunglasses in tact and still in his own possession?
  • Will the Bryan Health Zone be featuring cheesecrumbles and $12 plastic cups of boxed wine on ice for our guests from Omaha? This might be a good moneymaking idea, as the prices could be doubled and our guests wouldn’t care. If you know someone in marketing at Bryan LGH, please pass this information along.
  • Can Thor Tripp make sure to appease all his fans by making it to the game and providing equal coverage of both teams?
  • Will Erin Sorenson stop covering football for just one day, and enjoy some basketball?
  • Will Lazlo’s have plenty of handmade onion rings on hand for our Omaha guests?
  • What cold location will Channel 7 send Matt Lothrup to, in order to provide coverage?
  • While the day may seem like a fun, but rowdy, campaign parade, will Governor Pete wear a red sweater, a blue sweater, or will he be bold like last year and do a little bit of both?
  • What will the Newman Grove City Café serve for lunch on Friday, the day before the game?
  • Will Kent Pavelka be able to recover from all his recent attention, and focus on calling the game at hand?
  • Will Lee B be in attendance on press row, or in the regular seats, and if so, will someone get this #LocalScribe a Cinnabon, just like all the current Scribes get as they work toward their deadline?
  • On a TV someplace in Australia in the middle of the night, will #YoTugs tune in to see what could have been his teammates if he just would have taken the cash and the really good job?
  • Who will Tommie Frazier cheer for?
  • Will Robin Washut and Chris Basnett actually do DMXCopters at any point?
  • Will everyone’s good friend Tom be officiating, or will Kelly? Or both?

  • What section will this guy be sitting in, and who will he be cheering for?
  • How will the #smoothjazz guy and the obligatory Lexus get into one of the concourses? And will the guy who really likes this music be there?
  • Will it be possible for Marc Boehm to be smiling any bigger than this after the ballgame?
  • Will Pat Norris add any behind the back passes to his halftime warmup fancy passing displays?

In the end, this #LocalScribe feels that Nebrasketball will be too much for the BlueJays. With or without Toby Hegner, the BlueJays won’t have enough, and the Huskers will win 84-77.