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All Purpose Back Wandale Robinson Flips to Nebraska!!!

The Cornhuskers Win a Recruiting Battle Against Some Big Guns


Doo-Doo-de-Doo, Mr. Robinson!

Wandale Robinson, 5-10 180lb all purpose back from Frankfurt, Kentucky, has committed to the Cornhuskers! Wandale, a consensus four star recruit, was recruited most heavily by Alabama, Michigan, Domestic Violence Enabler State, and Kentucky. He had offers from most of the B1G schools, and several SEC ones. His visit to Lincoln on Sep 1 showed him a place where his talents could be showcased to their maximum potential. Today he made the decision to be a Cornhusker.

This story has plenty of drama, however! All the way back on November 1, Wandale was all set to purportedly announce his commitment to the Cornhuskers. Then, there was allegedly a miscommunication during a phone call, and definitely NOT a bag of cash placed on the Robinson kitchen table by former Husker Grad Assistant Vince Morrow. Definitely NOT a deal hidden as a sudden massive increase in the number of memberships to Wandale’s trainer’s gym, either. None of that stuff.

Well, geology and recruiting are the study of pressure and time, that’s all. - Red, Shawshank Redemption.

The Nebraska coaching staff was patient, smoothing out the bumps, working on the family, letting everyone know how much he was desired at Nebraska. Although enamored with the prospect of being a hometown hero at Kentucky, in his heart of hearts he wanted to be the multiple position back that figures so prominently in the success of the Frostfence. Today, he made that decision public!

Robinson’s highlight film is borderline erotic. He has a great stutterstep in traffic and a sharp cut when running the zone read. His 4.39 40 speed allows him to outrun almost any pursuit. He’s also slippery, fighting through tackles for a lot of yards after carry. His route running and pass catching is pretty good, too. His highlights show soft hands, good routes, and winning contested balls. There is a lot to like about Wandale Robinson. He is ideally suited for the Duck-R position.

His current season highlights are even more amazing than last years! When he runs down the field, you can hear the wind whistle, I swear. Juking, jumping, jiving, and wailing, every play. The jet sweep in this highlight reel gave my PTSD flashbacks to Wisconsin. Wandale is the #2 All Purpose Back in the Nation, and was awarded Mr. Kentucky this fall! When you think about a future backfield of Martinez, Washington, Robinson and a power hitter like JUCO Dedrick Mills, it makes people feel all funny, like when you climb the rope in gym class. Or so I’ve heard.

Robinson’s commitment moves Nebraska’s 2019 class ranking to 22, 4th in the B1G. Welcome to the Husker family, Wandale! GBR!