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Flakes: The Last Day of the Wild and Wonderful Year That Was 2018 Edition

Last news dump of the year. Enjoy it folks.

Jon Johnston

I have never been one new years resolutions.

The idea that a new date on the calendar would suddenly make me change my ways just seemed illogical. Putting a future date on something that you can easily start doing when you have finally made up your mid to do it just seems lazy. “Hey, I’m going to start eating healthy and go to the gym on January 1st.”

If it really meant something to you then start doing it when you realize that it needs to be done. There’s a reason why gym memberships go through the roof in January and then get left unused after the months move along.

But, if you need something to get you through the post holiday months then I say so be it. I can’t tell you what makes you happy, just what seems pointless to me. Then again, I am sure I do a lot of things that you might find pointless too.

Like write for a Nebraska spots blog...

Minor rant done.

We here at Corn Nation will be putting out our best of and worst of lists as the day goes on. I suggest you read as our writers have some pretty good events that you may have forgotten about. Also, they’re all pretty good writers so you should be able to enjoy it in the first place.

Anyway, on to flakes...


Is Nebraska Basketball...Underrated? - Off Tackle Empire
Why Huskers’ basketball’s best days might be ahead of them, thanks to James Palmer Jr. and Nebraska’s outside shooting prowess.

Nebraska Basketball: Big Ten play crucial for 2018-2019 Huskers
Nebraska basketball wrapped up their non-conference schedule on Saturday and now have to ride that momentum into conference play.

Other News from the Sporting World

Bama-Clemson IV completes a 1970s-style 2018 CFB season -
We get the (probably awesome) national title game we always knew we were getting.

Mark Richt’s abrupt retirement leaves Miami Hurricanes reeling | Miami Herald
The Hurricanes’ miserable December hit its nadir Sunday when, three days after a 35-3 bowl loss, coach Mark Richt announced his retirement. He returned to his alma mater to restore it to prominence, but leaves program in shambles.

SMSU takes down USF in men's basketball
Despite 29 points from Trevon Evans, the University of Sioux Falls Men's Basketball Team dropped a hard-fought 79-75 decision to Southwest Minnesota State on Sunday.

Browns vs. Ravens final score, takeaways: Baltimore holds off Baker Mayfield's final charge to win AFC North -
Lamar Jackson and the Ravens are going to the playoffs after a thrilling win over the Browns on Sunday

Sooners overwhelmed by No. 1 Alabama’s fast start in 45-34 Orange Bowl loss - Crimson And Cream Machine
An early 28-0 lead for the Tide was too much for Oklahoma to overcome

The Clemson Hangover For Notre Dame Football Has More Myth Than Fact - One Foot Down You’ll need to clear your head a bit for that big picture talk.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

How Much of the Internet Is Fake?
Turns out, a lot of it, actually.

The Feynman Technique: The Best Way to Learn Anything - Farnam Street - Pocket
If you’re not learning you’re standing still. So what’s the best way to learn new subjects and identify gaps in our existing knowledge? There are two types of knowledge and most of us focus on the wrong one. The first type of knowledge focuses on knowing the name of something.

Acoustic Assimilation