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Frosted Flakes: Winter Storm, Spruce Beer, and Some Holiday Cheer

A rerouted cruise ship saves some fishermen, Antarctica as a graveyard, and a look back at volleyball All-Americans

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NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Utah Jazz Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Merry Day After Christmas!

After some very nice days spent with family and friends, I am back a the ranch in a winter storm. It doesn’t sound like anything too serious, a little rain and possibly some ice, but it is enough to cut short our family visits and head back to tend cows.

We also have post-holiday basketball coming up with Ranchhand 2. He has thus far (fingers crossed) avoided the same fate for his basketball season as he suffered for baseball and cross country (season-ending injuries in the first game/race). He doesn’t like that his brothers are getting to spend more time with the cousins while he is home with Mom and Dad tending critters and getting ready for basketball practice. He hasn’t complained because he knows he signed up for this. He enjoys being part of the team and the camaraderie involved in that which makes up for some of the family time getting cut short.

I hope all of you have enjoyed your Christmas thus far and have been able to make time to truly enjoy being around those you love.

As for me, I got three bottles of wine with my Christmas presents. I’m all set for a winter storm!

Frosted Flakes

Glynn Watson Jr. going strong in his senior season
Glynn Watson Jr. is have a strong start so far to his senior season at Nebraska.

A look back at Nebraska volleyball’s first-team All-Americans | Gallery |
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Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

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Kansas City Royals prospect Brady Singer delivered a stunning Christmas gift to his parents: he paid off their debt.

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Josiah Viera, the subject of an E:60 feature, has died at 14 after a lifelong battle with a rare genetic disease.

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This is the story of the greatest night of my entire life.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

Network Orchestration: SLU Researcher Uses Music to Manage Networks : SLU
A Saint Louis University researcher uses sound as a simpler alternative to manage complicated network tasks.

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First developed by Canada’s indigenous peoples, spruce beer was commonly used to prevent scurvy, even by French navigator Jacques Cartier. Today, it continues to have a following.

Study: modern masters like Jackson Pollock were “intuitive physicists” | Ars Technica
David A. Siquieros' "accidental painting" exploited paints of different densities.

BBC - Future - A frozen graveyard: The sad tales of Antarctica’s deaths
Beneath layers of snow and ice on the world’s coldest continent, there may be hundreds of people buried forever. Martha Henriques investigates their stories.

Then There’s This

Rerouted Cruise Ship Rescues 2 Fishermen Stranded In The Caribbean : NPR
The Empress of the Seas was headed for Cuba, but changed its course for Jamaica due to weather. That’s how it ended up in the path of two fishermen from Costa Rica who had been adrift for 20 days.