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Early Signing Day Extravaganza! UPDATED 11:59AM

Follow The Signing Day Drama With Us!

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Northwestern Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

****UPDATE 12:50****


****UPDATE 11:20****


****UPDATE 10:40****


Good morning and welcome, Husker Hopeful! This article will be continually updated as the signing ceremonies for the 2019 football early period occur.

[Paul Harvey voice] Stay tuned for news!

First, some updates on recruits that had been pursued by the coaching staff, and returned some interest.

JUCO defensive back Tony Wallace has chosen TCU over Nebraska. Usually these JUCO recruitments happen very quickly, and when he didn’t immediately commit after his official visit weekend, something had to be up. Apparently things didn’t click for the young man. Good luck at TCU, Tony.

Four star defensive back Noa Pola-Gates was planning to sign with his chosen school today, then announce publicly his decision at the Polynesian Bowl in January. He has decided instead to announce publicly at the Polynesian Bowl as before, but not sign until February. I don’t see this as overly worrisome, unless a spot opens at Alabama for him.

Jamel Starks and Tavian Mayo are both defensive backs that Nebraska has been pursuing, but were seen recently as West Virginia leans. Now West Virginia has said they only have room for one of them, not both. Both young men have decided to wait until February to sign. I see Nebraska continuing to recruit at least one of these young men, probably Starks.

The staff had put the full court press on Lloyd Summerall, a talented defensive end from Lakeland Florida, but all signs point to a Florida decision for him, with a Miami as a darkhorse. I just don’t see him leaving the state of Florida.

There are three signing day decisions to watch today: Brant Banks, Ty Robinson and Jimmy Fritzsche. Banks signs at 10:30, Fritzsche at 11, and Robinson at 1:45. The anticipation is overwhelming!

****UPDATE 6:28AM****

Quinton Newsome has signed his NLI.

****UPDATE 6:43AM****

Showing that running back speed, Rahmir was the first NLI to be signed today.

****UPDATE 7:30AM****

****UPDATE 7:46****

Pooped Jack.

We’re already down one recruiting staff member at the Cornnation recruiting center. Jack remembered the last one, and went on strike. Today is a big day, so I had to bring in a temp:

So Peaches is going to take over while I go feed horses. Take it away Peaches!




****UPDATE 8:09AM****

Lots of NLI’s flying in now:

This next info is bad for Nebraska. It means there’s now a spot for Noa Pola-Gates at Bama. The coaching staff has their work cut out for them. Don’t discount the family angle the Huskers have going for them, it is a bigger factor then one might think.

****UPDATE 8:30AM****

Here’s a big one! This tweet represents a lot of work by a lot of people:

Here’s MY favorite recruit of the 2019 class! Gotta love the hogmollies!

Mountain Time zone is getting in on the action:

The other Garrett has signed on the dotted line:

****UPDATE 8:52AM****

QB in the houzzzz! This guy is underrated. He’s a better fit than you might realize.

Big bodied husker legacy signs. I see him as a nickel/olb hybrid after a year or two of conditioning:

****UPDATE 9:17AM****

There are only two expected NLI’s left to go: JUCO running back Dedrick Mills and Washington wide receiver Darien Chase. The sun hasn’t came up yet in Washington (it might not until June) so Darien will be along shortly. I don’t know about when Dedrick’s will come in, but it’s not super important that it happens this instant. Remember early signing day is actually a three day long event. Dedrick is also an early enrollee.

Ope, never mind, here’s Darien:

****UPDATE 10:00AM****

Some news!

First, it doesn’t look like Dedrick Mills will be signing his NLI today. The staff at his junior college are going over his record with a fine toothed comb to ensure he is eligible. He may end up a February signing and miss spring camp. Bummer. Dedrick is still 100% N, everyone involved is just ensuring there are no hiccups.

Also, Noa Pola-Gates has eliminated Alabama from consideration! Big news for Husker fans! Sounds like this is down to Nebraska and Arizona State.

****UPDATE 10:40AM****

Lloyd Summerall picks Florida Gators, as forecast:

Keep checking back, as this article will be updated throughout the day! GBR!