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Photos: Nebraska vs Stanford For A National Volleyball Title

It was a ton of fun right up until it wasn’t....

Jon Johnston

Better late than never, right?

It didn’t turn out the way Nebraska fans wanted, but it sure was a helluva run.

It was a great Final Four as well. Target Center was well-attended and the fans were pretty good all around. The place was loud regardless of what team was playing. The accommodations were good - everything about the tournament was well-run as far as my experience.

Everything was wonderful right up until that challenge in the fifth set. The ball hit about maybe five yards in front of me (if even that). Looked out to me, but I didn’t have replay, nor did I have the angle. The reversal on the call looked like a death blow.

That wasn’t what cost us the game. Nebraska had its share of opportunities, they just didn’t capitalize.

Still, what a great team, and what a great season!