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Nebrasketball: Huskers #25 in Coaches Poll

Just outside of Top 25 in AP

In a week where the Huskers lost to Minnesota but beat Creighton the coaches decided to keep Nebraska where they were the week before at #25. The AP, on the other hand, dropped the Huskers to what would technically be #26th with 115 votes. They were previously #24 in the AP.

Kansas saw themselves jump to #1 in both polls after Gonzaga had their first loss of the season to #7 Tennessee.

Other Big Ten teams that are ranked:

  • Michigan #5 Coaches, AP
  • Michigan State #9 Coaches, AP
  • Ohio State #14 Coaches #15 AP
  • Wisconsin #16 AP #19 Coaches
  • Iowa #21 Coaches #22 AP
  • Maryland #23 Coaches

Also of note is Texas Tech who sit at #11 in both the AP and Coaches polls. The Red Raiders beat Nebraska 70-52 back on November 20th in Kansas City. All of a sudden that loss doesn’t look as bad as it did a few weeks ago.