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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Lose: Illinois

Nebraska could be bowl eligible with five wins for the second time in four years, but will they?

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Illinois Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

These articles have gotten harder to write as the season has progressed, and that’s partially because I don’t want to write the same thing over and over again until my fingers turn blue. It also has a lot to do with the fact Nebraska has gotten extremely better since its first game.

Last week was a little easier to write, and I thought Nebraska was going to lose by three touchdowns after keeping it close in the first half. The Huskers only lost by five, and they really showed me how much they’ve improved. I know a lot of people will argue that Ohio State isn’t as good as its ranking, but the Huskers still went on the road to the Horseshoe and stuck it to them. Even though Nebraska had a chance to win the game last Saturday, and impressed me.

It’s time for the weekly “five reasons Nebraska will lose.”

Special Teams

This had to be one of the reasons. I don’t even remember all of the special team gaffs Nebraska had against Ohio State because all I can think about is Caleb Lightbourn whiffing on the surprise onside attempt.

I do remember one of my friends texting me during the game asking me how is it possible to have such bad special teams. I have no idea what the answer to that question is, but this should be one of the top priorities for the coaching staff come the off-season.

When I watched Lightbourn miss that kick in live action I just started laughing hysterically because that’s all I could do. I couldn’t be mad because I could tell from the first replay it was a surprise onside kick.

The gif of Lightbourn whiffing might replace the falling Jake Cotton gif from the Michigan State game of 2014.


Which was worse, the Lightbourn whiff or falling Cotton?

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Reggie Corbin

Corbin is the RB for the Illini and has been a huge part of the their offense and was named Big Ten Co-Offensive player of the week after his performance against Minnesota last Saturday.

He recorded a career-high 213 yards with two touchdown runs and both were over 70 yards. This last part scares me because of what J.K. Dobbins did against Nebraska this past weekend because had those long runs at the end of the game.

Explosive plays are what’s really going to hurt this defense against an Illini offense that has been improving every week when they’re healthy. Corbin has 156 more yards than Devine Ozigbo, Nebraska’s leading rusher, on nine less carries. This dude can run.

AJ Bush Jr.

Hello there old friend!

Bush is making his first start in Memorial Stadium, but I don’t think anybody would’ve thought it was going to be like this when he signed with Nebraska back in February, 2014. I think Bush has been one of the few Husker transfers Nebraska fans have genuinely wanted to succeed because he didn’t leave Nebraska in a huff.

In my eyes, he sounded disappointed when he left Nebraska because he knew how special it was here. Bush is going to want this win badly because I’m sure he wants to win in Nebraska, and he’s going to do everything in his power to steal this win from Nebraska.

The Cold

It’s November, and we all know what November in like in Nebraska. It starts getting cold, and as of Tuesday night at 11:51 p.m. the forecast for Saturday is a low of 26 and a high of 38. Since the game is at 11:00 a.m. (I’M SO MAD ABOUT THIS)

I expect kickoff temperature to be around freezing. This might give both teams some problems, but a young Nebraska team might struggle even more than an Illinois team led by Senior QB Bush.

Alternate Uniforms

I’ll be honest, this isn't really a reason. It’s kind of a reminder, but I’ll include it as a reason because I want to.

Nebraska will be wearing its throwback alternate uniforms of the season on Saturday.

The uniforms are alright in my eyes, but I agree with what Frost said this week about Nebraska will be fine if it just sticks with tradition. I like the numbers and I think it’s cool to see cream implemented into the uniform, but the helmet... I’m not even going to go there.

Maybe playing with new uniforms will keep the players distracted and won’t let them focus on winning the game.