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Nebraska Football Monday Press Conference

A B1G honor for the Huskers’ freshman quarterback and what the head coach saw from his team Saturday.

Nebraska v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

As always - don’t take my typed sections as exact quotes. I type in real time and don’t go back to listen and get them down word for word.

Some B1G news broke shortly before the press conference

Players were up first:

(The alternate uniforms have helmets that are supposed to look like leather.)

Scott Frost

On the alternate uniforms

“In general, I think there’s a dozen brands in college football that you recognize and those brands are better off, its just my opinion, just sticking to tradition...there’s power in what we wear every Saturday and I don’t see us wearing something different every weekend.”

On Greg Austin (offensive line coach) and the job he has done:

The o-line has been in lockstep, both young tackles are getting better every week, Boe is doing some good things and Tanner and Jerald are getting better. Greg’s a good coach.

On the team’s overall performance:

I think the offense and defense played well enough to win Saturday, I don’t think you could say that about our special teams performance....There were some really encouraging things about how our defense played...turnovers were good...I think they played their best game of the season.

In case you were tired of hearing about “culture”

The best thing I’ve heard is one of my young guys came to me this week and told me that one of the older guys told him he was jealous that he’d get to be around here a few more years.

On getting players to 1000 yards

Our number one goal is to win games....but I’d love to see Devine get 1000, I’d love to see Stanley get there and JD. If we go out and play like we can, they can all do it.

On his young tight ends

They’ve made a big jump from spring to fall and from the beginning of fall ‘til now. You’re starting to see them show up in the passing game.

On JoJo Domann

I told JoJo today that the best thing he did Saturday was, he just made plays....we’ve been waiting for more guys to step up and do that. It was awesome to get him back.

On the creativity in play calling

There are times when we come up with things and after the game I laugh and think ‘why did I think that would work?’ We like to be creative, but we usually balance each other out...any and all ideas are welcome.

On the nice things Urban Meyer said about the Huskers after the game

We’ve had some great moral victories this year and those don’t count for anything.

On the health of the running backs

Maurice is going to be fine. The main thing with him is that he needs another year in the weight room. He got a little nicked up Saturday and we couldn’t use him as much as we wanted, but both guys are good to go and practicing today.