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Tim Miles Chasing History

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NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow is the first Nebraskeball game of the season. The Huskers take on the mighty Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils. To be honest, Nebraska should not have much trouble putting them away.

While the game itself will be of little note, this season should be.

Tim Miles is coming into his seventh season at the helm of the Nebraska men’s basketball squad. He has had his ups and downs over that time. Though it all, it has been a work in progress.

I look at this years squad as the culmination of seven years of hard work from him and his coaching staff. Recruiting and development can be tough in basketball. You only have so many scholarships to go around and if you get a bust, you will most likely notice it right away.

This team returns a very productive core from last season. They are lead by Glynn Watson Jr., James Palmer Jr., and Issac Copeland Jr. among other major cogs in the machine. Many in the state and across the nation are expecting a lot from this squad as it is easily the most talented that we have seen in a very long time.

There’s also a little bit of history chasing this squad. Nebraska has not won an NCAA Tournament game in it’s history. It was just them and Northwestern in the power conferences that had never done it. Then the Wildcats had a nice run two years ago and actually won two games.

Now, it’s just Nebraska.

In seven years at Nebraska Tim has only made the Tournament once. To be honest, that was almost a fluke. Very few coaches are given the time that Tim has to turn a team into a winner. The University has given Coach Miles ample resources and time to do so. This very well could be his last chance to make Nebraska into a winner and bring home their first tournament win.

I’ve been following Nebrasketball since I was a kid. The only years I really didn’t follow were when I went to college. Those were the Collier years so I didn’t miss much. I fully believe that this team will not only make a nice run in the Big Ten Conference but also the NCAA’s.

I believe they will do this with a fairly decent schedule. While the non conference is not a tough as last year it does have enough challenges to prepare the team for conference. In regards to the conference, it won’t be easy. Teams like Michigan State, Michigan, Indiana, and Purdue will still be there to push the team to it’s limits. There will not be an excuse that the Huskers have a shot because of a weak Big Ten.

Will they bring home a National Championship? I doubt it, but they will make more believers in Nebrasketball and give our state it’s first win in the NCAA’s. We have the coaching, the fans, and now the seasoned talent to do make it so.

This is the season Tim Miles will make his mark and create his own history in the books of Nebrasketball.

Anyway, on to flakes...


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