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Five Heart Podcast: We’re Full of Self Examination

JDJ is eager to examine himself. It’s why Corn Nation exists at all.

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NCAA Football: Nebraska at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Nebraska football season is officially over. Time to “Win the Damn Off-Season” as Hoss would say. So in this episode, Hoss, Jon, and Hooch talk a little bit about the game at Iowa. We discuss the season of “what could have been” and what eventually happened.

We talk about the silliness (ie: stupidity) of the Iowa Marching Band Member who lied (I mean, the video evidence is there) and said the Husker football team did not participate in the “Wave” to the patients at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital after the first quarter. It’s a long-standing tradition, cute gesture that Kinnick Stadium fans, the Hawkeyes, and opposing teams have practiced since all the way back in 2017. And Hoss raises a good question (one Jerkeye fans may have to face on Black Friday 2020).

Some Huskers were recognized by the Big Ten coaches and media for the accomplishments they had this season, led by departing senior Stanley Morgan Jr. So the guys go down the list of honorees, and conclude that the future is bright.

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