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Nebraska Leads Ohio State 21-16 At Half

It’s a rock fight. Our beloved Huskers are winning.

Nebraska v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Nebraska 7-0

Nebraska 1 yd RUSH TD scored by Devine Ozigbo (Scoring Drive: 12 plays, 75 yards, 5:04). Our beloved Huskers started the game by going on a crisp, efficient drive in which Adrian Martinez went 3-3 in passing for 25 yards. That included a beautiful one-handed catch by Jack Stoll to pick up a fourth down conversion.

It was the first time this season that Ohio State gave up a touchdown on the opposing team’s opening drive. It’s a good omen.

On the ensuing kickoff Caleb Lightbourn failed to kick the ball, falling over and giving Ohio State the ball on Nebraska’s 31 after a five yard penalty was added for offsides. Or dipshittery. I have no idea.

I have never seen a kicker do this in my entire life of football.

Nebraska’s defense made up for it by holding Ohio State to no points, stopping them on a fourth down conversion.


Nebraska 7 Ohio State 2

Nebraska went three and out on the next drive, but gave up a blocked punt for a safety.

Ohio State 9 Nebraska 7

Ohio State 42 yd PASS TD scored by Dixon, Johnnie (Scoring Drive: 6 plays, 68 yards, 1:52). Nebraska’s defense broke down and Johnnie Dixon caught a Dwayne Haskins pass with no defender within 15-20 yards of him and waltzed into the end zone.

Ohio State 16 Nebraska 7

Ohio State 10 yd RUSH TD scored by Dobbins, J.K. (Scoring Drive: 7 plays, 57 yards, 2:29). Nebraska had a shot at a turnover when Ohio State whiffed the punt. They had another chance when Luke Gifford dropped an interception. The officials called the Buckeyes for pass interference - a soft call - and then made up for it by giving Ohio State a first down with a non-existent pass interference call on Dicaprio Bootle. It was 3rd and 20. Sigh.

Martinez makes the worst play of his young career when Nebraska is set to score and he attempts a backwards pass to the sideline which is not caught and fumbled and Ohio State gets it and there is no joy in the world.

UNTIL Nebraska’s defense forces Ohio State to punt for the first time since 1538.

At this point the game has turned into a rock fight and both teams’ fans have to be going all apoplectic in their homes and tailgates.

Ohio State 16 Nebraska 14

Nebraska 2 yd RUSH TD scored by Adrian Martinez (Scoring Drive: 10 plays, 64 yards, 4:00).

The Buckeyes gave up the ball when Dwayne Haskins was hit while throwing the ball. Nebraska had another efficient drive. At this point, our beloved Huskers have only 64 yards rushing, more than the Buckeyes with 51.

You’d expect the #10 team in the nation to be stomping our asses into the ground, but it’s not happening yet.

Nebraska 21 Ohio State 16

Nebraska 2 yd RUSH TD scored by Adrian Martinez (Scoring Drive: 8 plays, 47 yards, 3:54)

Our beloved Huskers out-physicaled the Buckeyes, running the ball with relative ease compared to what we’ve seen over the past few games against this vaunted Ohio State defense.

Ohio State fans booed as the half ended.