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Iowa Leads Nebraska 21-13 At Half

It’s not the best half, but it’s not bad either.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska’s defense has given 252 yards to a plodding, effective Iowa offense. Nate Stanley is 12-for-17 for 109 yards with a touchdown. Mekhi Sargent has 75 yards rushing on 12 carries with Toren Young adding another 58 yards on 12 carries.

If Nebraska is going to win this game, they’re going to have to stop Iowa’s offense.

7-0 Iowa

IOWA 15 yd PASS TD scored by Smith,Brandon (Scoring Drive: 11 plays, 79 yards, 5:23) Iowa marched down the field no a slow, battering pace. By the time they reached the end zone, everyone was bored and ready for them to score.

Nebraska 7 Iowa 7

Nebraska 4 yd PASS TD scored by Jack Stoll (Scoring Drive: 12 plays, 81 yards, 3:42) Big Play: Martinez rolling left, avoiding a rusher to throw to Stanley Morgan Jr and picking up a first down in the process.

Iowa 14 Nebraska 7

IOWA 4 yd RUSH TD scored by Young,Toren (Scoring Drive: 13 plays, 85 yards, 6:34) Big Play: None, really. Just a slow plodding down the field. Nebraska had the ball one time in the first quarter. Iowa just kept the ball and demolished the Blackshirt defense like a slow bleed.

Iowa 14 Nebraska 10

Nebraska 27 yd FG scored by B. Pickering (Scoring Drive: 8 plays, 65 yards, 2:51)

Two sacks in a row.

Iowa 21 Nebraska 10

IOWA 15 yd RUSH TD scored by Sargent,Mekhi (Scoring Drive: 15 plays, 85 yards, 7:16) Once again a long, consuming drive by the Hawkeyes. Again, slow, methodical.

Iowa 21 Nebraska 13

Nebraska 46 yd FG scored by B. Pickering (Scoring Drive: 8 plays, 46 yards, 0:45) The first kick was short, but Iowa was called for offsides, so Barrett Pickering kicked again.