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Five Reasons Nebraska MIGHT Lose, But Probably Won’t: Iowa

Scott Frost has to improve Nebraska’s record from 2017, right?

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

This year marks the fourth anniversary since Nebraska beat Iowa, it was also Bo Pelini’s final game as head coach of the Huskers. Three years under Mike Riley have gone way too slow, but now Frost is here and most people believe he is the long term answer for success. Nebraska has been playing much better in its last five games compared to the first six. I guess you could count the Northwestern game as playing well, but Nebraska choked at the end. Even when Nebraska lost to Ohio State, it was only by five points which is a lot better than the previous few outings against them. Nebraska went on to beat Illinois and Michigan State after that loss, and here we are at Iowa.

The Weather

By the end of the game on Saturday there was a light dusting of snow, but it snowed pretty much the entire game. Add the wind in there and it was awful conditions, I don’t think the TV broadcast did it justice. This Friday it’s not supposed to snow, but there is a chance of rain and it’s going to be fairly cold again. I don’t know if there’s going to be nearly as much wind on Friday as there was on Saturday, and I also don’t know if the rain will affect the game as much as snow. I don’t think the weather will be as bad as it was on Saturday, but it might affect the offense.

JD Spielman is Questionable

Spielman didn’t play against Michigan State because of an ankle injury he suffered late in the Illinois game. While the weather did affect how Nebraska ran its offense on Saturday, I think the offense would’ve had a little more success if he was in.

There’s a possibility he doesn’t play on Friday, and that would affect Nebraska’s offense more than it did during the Michigan State game. If he is out Iowa will be trying to lock down Stanley Morgan Jr. and the possibility of him reaching 1,000 yards on the season.

Iowa Has a Good Defense

If you thought Michigan State had a good defense, think again. Iowa has an even better defense than the Spartans. For comparison, Michigan State gives up 320 yards per game and Iowa only gives up 279.

On top of that, Iowa also has the second best rush defense in the Big Ten following up Michigan State. Devine Ozigbo won’t have a ton of running room in the trenches and it’s going to force Nebraska to throw the ball. This might prove hard because of the previous two reasons.

Noah Fant

We’ve all heard of this guy, the guy from Nebraska who decided to go to Iowa because previous coaches weren’t that intelligent.

Fant might be a great TE in the NFL, and his experience at Iowa have shown this. A couple of weeks ago Fant didn’t really do anything in the Hawkeyes game against Northwestern.

A lot of people were speculating that Iowa is just saving his special game for this Friday, meaning they didn’t want to showcase all he can do before this game.

Iowa Won the Last Three Meetings

The last two meetings in blowout fashion. That was with Mike Riley as head coach, and now Frost is in charge and I expect that to change. Even if Nebraska doesn’t win, it won’t be a blowout loss like it was the last two seasons.

That being said, Nebraska is not going to lose on Friday. ‘Skers by 90.