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Friday Flakes: If/When Should We Give A Standing Ovation on Saturday? and a Mini-Book Review

Sooner than you think

NCAA Football: Bethune Cookman at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

If/When should we give a standing ovation on Saturday?

When Ohio State Punts the ball.

As many of you know Nebraska has not forced a punt against Ohio State in two seasons. And that wouldn’t be so bad if Nebraska didn’t play them twice.

So I ask Nebraska football fans, if/when Nebraska forces Ohio State to punt the ball on Saturday please encourage everybody around you to join you in a standing ovation with me.

Because that is what I’ll be doing. And I’m looking forward to it.

...on to flakes.

Husker Sports News

Just an exhibition, but nerves already firing as Husker hoops opens season | Men's Basketball |
Things don't officially count for another few days, but that doesn't mean Tim Miles isn't already nervous.

Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win: “An” Ohio State Buckeyes Huskers Adrian Martinez Dwayne Haskins Football Horseshoe - Corn Nation
Is there another "Ohio State" that requires them to use "THE"? Seems unnecessary.

Nebraska Recruiting: All-Purpose Back Wandale Robinson chooses Kentucky over Nebraska - Corn Nation
Vince Marrow - the Gift That Keeps on Giving - Steals Another

Ohio State vs. Nebraska: Everything you need to know - The Blade
The last time we saw the Ohio State football team, the Buckeyes were falling hard at Purdue two weeks ago in a primetime matchup. Now they play Nebraska. A team who has not made them punt in the past 25 years.

Walters: Michigan loss prepares Huskers for No. 10 Ohio State - KLKN-TV: News, Weather and Sports for Lincoln, NE;
Nebraska remains confident it can compete with No. 10 Ohio State on Saturday.

Ohio State: Couple new faces could help Buckeyes start November run
Ohio State is looking for answers for a couple nagging issues down the stretch. New faces for the Buckeyes might make a difference.

Frost believes confidence is key to get Huskers back to national power - Omaha Sports Insider
Despite losing its last game to Purdue, there is no doubt Ohio State is an elite program. Scott Frost knows a thing or two about that leading Nebraska to a 24-2 record as a starting quarterback during...

Nebraska Coaches Trying to Teach Brady Heiman the Art of Trash Talk | Hail Varsity
Trash talking isn't natural for Nebraska freshman forward Brady Heiman. His coaches are hoping to change that.

Non-Husker Sports News

Jon Gruden -- Players are 'dying' to play for Oakland Raiders

It took just 12 minutes for LeBron James to put the NBA on notice — The Undefeated
At 18, he came into his first NBA game, on the road, and he was ready. He was ready, man.

The unlikely tie between CFP hopefuls LSU, Notre Dame
LSU's Cole Tracy and Notre Dame's Brian Kelly both come from the same tiny college in central Massachusetts. Now they both have title aspirations.

Inexperienced Lakers starting to wear on LeBron
Just seven games into the season, LeBron James is starting to run out of patience with the mistakes of his young Los Angeles Lakers teammates. The Lakers are 2-5 following a 124-120 loss at Minnesota on Monday night and have given up an average of 122.3 points per game, 29th in the league. The Lakers

Altercation between Maryland football players breaks out at practice in wake of Durkin drama - Baltimore Sun
In the wake of University of Maryland football coach DJ Durkin's brief reinstatement Tuesday, discord over the football program erupted in a fight among team players.


55 great books under 200 pages
Having no time doesn’t mean you have to stop reading. Just pick up the shorter book.

NASA Finds Perfectly Rectangular Iceberg In Antarctica As If It Was Deliberately Cut
NASA just shared a stunning image of a nearly perfect rectangular iceberg in Antarctica. The monolithic slab of ice, floating just off the Larsen C ice shelf appears quite unnatural given the 90-degree angles.

Mini-Book Review: Life Is So Good by George Dawson

There are so many memoirs written about powerful men and women. How about a memoir about man who was the grandson of a slave and lived to be 102 years old but learned to read at age 98. He has quite the perspective that any person could benefit from.

He lived through the entire 20th century. So I would say he has seen quite a large amount of change happen in and around the United States.

The Best Thing I Saw On The Internet This Week x 2

So a twitter account (@cuppycup) takes finds two songs that have the same beats per minute (BPM) and they match up quite a bit. Then the account takes a music video and matches it with a song that is the complete opposite. These are my favorite two matches.

God Bless Texas and LMFAO. It’s almost perfect. Hilarious.