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Confused Nebraska Fan Still Holding Balloon From Michigan State Game

When are these things supposed to be released?

Minnesota v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Arthur Longfellow of Gretna, Nebraska, still has his Husker “first score” balloon from last week’s Nebraska – Michigan State football game. Arthur was confused about whether its release was dependent upon the first touchdown scored or merely the first Nebraska score in the game.

Several people in the stands around him chastised him for not letting go of it when Nebraska scored their first fourth-quarter field goal on Saturday. Others chastised those the chastisers because they argued that the balloon release was contingent on the first touchdown scored.

The result was a minor uproar in Arthur’s section and a splintering of Nebraska fans into two different religious sects – “first score believers” and “first touchdown believers.” During the dispute, several balloons were released accidentally, and several were popped, leading people to cry foul regarding those who would attack them for their religious beliefs.

Arthur’s balloon remained intact as the arguments settled down as Nebraska scored the go-ahead field goal and won the game against Michigan State. Fans had calmed until the last plays of the game when Arthur noted out loud that in the victory formation, quarterback Adrian Martinez wasn’t taking the snap from under center but in the shotgun.

Arthur’s comment led to another fracas and another splintering fans into separate religious groups - those who believe the quarterback should be under center and those who think that Scott Frost should be left to run the offense how he sees fit. Arthur further stirred the pot by yelling out loud that the final snap was high and how Martinez had to jump to catch the ball.

Arthur kept his balloon as he left the stadium. He endured the taunts of several Husker fans on his way to the car as many believe he should have released it. One fan stated they were going to write a stern letter to the editor about how younger fans no longer respect Nebraska traditions. Another proclaimed that he would probably be the cause of the sell-out streak ending some day.

Arthur was relieved to get to the car with his balloon intact. When asked what he was going to do with it, he stated that he will keep it in his room as a memento of his first Nebraska football game.

Arthur’s mother interjected when he was asked what he thought of the Husker fans. His mother noted that Arthur had endured enough for one day.

“Arthur didn’t understand why so many fans were upset about the balloon.” She noted that her son is only five years old and has a long way to go before “he understands the intricacies of Husker football.”