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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Lose: Michigan State

Can the Huskers match the amount of wins they had last year?

Michigan State v Nebraska Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images

Saturday marks Scott Frost’s first Senior Day as the Huskers’ head coach. If Nebraska wins then it will at least match the record Mike Riley led the Huskers to in 2017.

That being said, Michigan State is a tough opponent and will probably beat the Huskers and force them to beat Iowa to get their fourth win of the year.

Senior Day

Saturday will be special because everybody knows these seniors have been around for two or three coaches.

It’s going to be an emotional day for everybody. Saturday is the last time this group of guys will play in Memorial Stadium.

My dad has told me stories about seniors playing bad on senior day because it’s so emotional for them. I think because of everything these guys have been through it’s going to be extra emotional for them. As much as I would like Stanley Morgan Jr. and JD Spielman to break 1,000 yards this season, I suspect they will need a big game against Iowa to do it.


As of Tuesday afternoon there was a chance of snow in the forecast, but as of Tuesday evening the chances of snow are now gone. Given how unpredictable Nebraska weather is I’m going to guess there will be a chance of snow come Friday night.

I think the last time it snowed in Lincoln for a game, like really snowed not just flurries, was when Nebraska blew the game against Texas in 2006. I think the snow will impact this game, and because Michigan State is used to playing in East Lansing I think it will hurt them less.

Hopefully you all bring cash to the game because the hot chocolate people didn’t take cards last weekend.

Michigan State’s Defense

It’s no secret that the strength of the Spartans is their defense.

Before the season, people were projecting Michigan State was going to get some help from its offense and win the Big Ten East division. While that’s not going to happen, MSU’s defense is legit. Michigan State ranks 21 in total defense in the FBS, which is the second best defense the Huskers have faced all year.

Michigan was only able to put up 21 points on MSU, but the Wolverines were able to put up 56 on Nebraska. Nebraska’s best offensive outputs have been against Minnesota, Bethune-Cookman and Illinois. Let’s be real, those defenses aren’t great, and they’re not nearly as good as MSU’s.

It’s a Blackout on Saturday

The Iron N, the official student section, decided to make this Saturday the blackout game for the year. Personally, I like blackout games and I think it looked really good last year against Wisconsin. That being said, we all remember what happened in the Wisconsin game.

The only two times the players have worn black jerseys they’ve lost. Even though it’s not the players that will be wearing black maybe it’s a sign black just isn’t good for Nebraska.

Nebraska is Overrated

I know what everybody is thinking right now; “how can we be overrated, we’re 3-7?” Hear me out.

Personally, I think everybody is drinking the same Kool-Aid they drank before the season. As I stated above, Nebraska hasn’t beaten great teams and Michigan State is definitely better than Minnesota, Bethune-Cookman and Illinois. Michigan State is 2-2 against Nebraska’s common opponents.

Guess what, Nebraska is 0-4. Let’s face it, 2018 is not Nebraska’s year and I don’t think anything will change on Saturday against Michigan State.