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Crootin’ Kernels: Promising Recruiting Event Becomes Logistical Challenge **UPDATED THURSDAY 6PM**

FOX Screws Up Most Important Recruiting Weekend of Regular Season


11AM. 11AM!! a;lskdjf;alksdjf;lasdkfj!!! Frickin’ FOX and their Frickin’ 6 Day Option. An amazing list of potential prospects was lined up for a killer recruiting weekend. Then the game was scheduled for 11am instead of 2:30 like it SHOULD HAVE BEEN. I’m not going to swear, and it’s just recruiting not real life, but Whoever made that decision can S&CK MY B#LLS.


Ty Robinson, 4 star defensive end from Arizona. At the beginning of the season, he was considered a lock for Nebraska. Then 0-6 happened. USC of the prophylactic variety started courting him and it appeared he was the Trojan’s to lose. Now USC is faltering and Nebraska is resurgent. This weekend was important to get him back in the fold.

Zay Flowers, 3 star athlete from Fort Lauderdale. He is adept at both defensive back and wide receiver. Nebraska needs both.

Josh Sanguinetti, 4 star safety and teammate of Flowers. He has Nebraska high on his list. Rumor has it he could use some speed. He can’t be too slow and still be a 4 star. Big area of need for Huskers.

Brandon Turnage, 4 star defensive back and Alabama commit. He hails from Oxford MS. I’m not sure where this interest is coming from, but he is communicating a bunch with Nebraska coaches. I would guess he’s looking for early playing time, which Nebraska can offer in spades. At Alabama, 4 stars are for the scout team.

LLoyd Summerall, 4 star defensive end from Florida. He has interest in Florida, Miami and Nebraska. Nebraska was to be his first official visit. At 6-6 215, he projects as an outside linebacker. There are lots of crystal balls to Florida, but Nebraska has a chance here. Or would, if he could actually attend a game!

Jalen Cropper, 4 star athlete from Clovis CA. His top two are Utah and Nebraska. Both like him as a wide receiver. I don’t know what our chances are here, since Utah is leading, and offering the same position Nebraska is. I know our chances were better if the stupid TV station had scheduled the game properly!

Ronald Thompkins, Nebraska commit, all purpose back. Thompkins was visiting from football powerhouse Grayson High School in Georgia, here for his official visit and to do some peer recruiting. Not now!

What a kick-ass group of prospects, all with serious legitimate interest in Nebraska! The coaching staff wisely lined up these top prospects for the end of the season when the pictures of the offense and defense were much clearer. That’s all for naught, since the consecutive 11am game record is nearly as long as the consecutive sellout record.

Now, all is not lost here. Coaches can make at-home visits soon, and official visits to Nebraska are still available after the regular season. It’s just the last opportunity to have them see the amazing environment of Memorial Stadium.

JUCOs Will Still Be Attending

The JUCO season ended last week for the precise reason of facilitating official visits during the last two weeks of the season. These guys shouldn’t be affected by the game time, because they aren’t working around a Friday Night game. There’s just a couple guys coming, but they’re important.

Markquese Bell, 4 star safety at Coffeyville C.C. He was a 4 star signed with Maryland, but ended up at JUCO. Couldn’t find confirmation but it smells like grades. This kid is an excellent defensive back who also plays wide receiver at Coffeyville. He is very interested in Nebraska and the interest is mutual. I bet he leaves Lincoln a Husker.

Dru Mathis, 3 star inside linebacker. He played a year at San Diego State before going JUCO. His top schools are Illinois and Nebraska. This is a new name that I will find out more about.

Dedrick Mills, RB and Husker commit, is coming for his official visit.


Travion Ford is a 2021 recruit that projects as an outside linebacker for the Husker defense. This kid is already a 4 star. He’s unofficially visiting this weekend, then Alabama next weekend. He already has offers from Tennessee and Kentucky.

If I could have picked two of the high school prospects to make the trip anyhow, it would have been Ty Robinson and Lloyd Summerall. Guess who’s making the trip and showing up at halftime (just like stalker BSchim said they could) - YEP! Ty Robinson and Lloyd Summerall!

Ronald Thompkins is still coming, too. He is getting here Friday, visiting with his sister and brother. “Luckily”, he is rehabbing a torn ACL, so he’s not playing Friday.


It’s beginning to appear as though my wildly sensationalistic headline was somewhat overblown. Suck my balls anyhow 11AM kickoff!

Zay Flowers and Josh Sanguinetti have been asked by the coaching staff to reschedule to a later time. They are still coming, just not Saturday. I haven’t heard anything about Turnage or Cropper one way or the other.

Myles Farmer is a 3 star safety from Westlake, GA (a suburb of Atlanta). He is a versatile prospect who can slide down to nickel and is a hard hitter in rush defense. He will be in town Saturday morning. He has offers from West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Ole Miss, and Oregon. And Nebraska!

Iowan and Nebraska commit Mosai Newsom is coming to visit unofficially. This is important because he hit it off with Ty Robinson in the spring. Things are setting up nicely for Robinson this weekend. I learned today that Ty’s mom grew up in O’Neill.

That’s all for now. If anyone is brought in last minute, or if any of these prospects decide to take the redeye to get here for game time, you’ll be the first to know! GBR!

Uglydog56 going after that ‘crootin news for you!