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Nebraska Leads Illinois 38-21 At Halftime

WING ZING BOOM and we have 38 points!

NCAA Football: Illinois at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports


Nebraska 7-0

It took just over a minute. Adrian Martinez ran twice for 38 yards, then hit Stanley Morgan Jr for a 37-yard touchdown reception. The reception moved Morgan to second all time in career receiving yards.

Nebraska 7 Illinois 7

Illinois 11 yd RUSH TD scored by Bush,AJ (Scoring Drive: 8 plays, 76 yards, 3:14) - all of that yardage was on the ground. Reggie Corbin had 4 rushes for 40 yards, AJ Bush had two rushes for 26 yards. Bush right up the middle for the TD. It was a third and long. There’s a shock.

Nebraska 14 Illinois 7

Nebraska 9 yd RUSH TD scored by Adrian Martinez (Scoring Drive: 7 plays, 89 yards, 3:06). Started at the 11 because of a bad choice on the kickoff return, which really translated into more total yardage for our beloved Huskers. Big play - a 49 yard run by Maurice Washington.

At this point in the game, Martinez has a QB rating of 333.2. He is 3-3 for 44 yards and a TD with four carries for 50 yards.

Nebraska 14 Illinois 14

Illinois 8 yd RUSH TD scored by Bush,AJ (Scoring Drive: 8 plays, 76 yards, 3:30). Big play - a Bush pass to Corbin, who runs down to the Nebraska eight yard line.

Nebraska 21 Illinois 14

Nebraska 32 yd PASS TD scored by Stanley Morgan (Scoring Drive: 5 plays, 75 yards, 1:46). Once again, the offense rips down the field like “a hot knife through cold butter on a cold day” according to the BTN announcer dude.

Martinez QB rating at 350.

Stanley Morgan Jr. has 22 career receiving touchdowns behind Johnny Rodgers’ record of 25.

Nebraska 24 Illinois 14

Nebraska 27 yd FG scored by B. Pickering (Scoring Drive: 7 plays, 35 yards, 3:19). Husker scored because of a muffed punt fumble recover set up a short field. Big Plays: Jerald Foster called for his second offensive holding call of the game and Martinez proved himself human when he missed a wide open JD Spielman for a touchdown.

Martinez QB rating has dropped to 228.9. For reference, OU’s Kyle Murray leads the nation at 216.59

Nebraska 31 Illinois 14

Nebraska 66 yd RUSH TD scored by Devine Ozigbo (Scoring Drive: 3 plays, 77 yards, 1:13). It was wing zing boom as Ozigbo took a trap play up the middle, broke a tackle and went the distance.

The PAT bounced off the upright and went in, perhaps a sign that Nebraska’s luck is changing.

Nebraska 31 Illinois 21

Illinois 2 yd RUSH TD scored by Bush,AJ (Scoring Drive: 12 plays, 75 yards, 5:02). Big Plays: Bush nearly picks up a 3rd and 23 by scrambling, then Illinois converts on fourth down. Mohamed Berry gets called for a horse collar tackle to give Illinois free yardage.

The rule:

Horse Collar Tackle

ARTICLE 15. All players are prohibited from grabbing the inside back collar of the shoulder pads or jersey, the nameplate area, or the inside collar of the

side of the shoulder pads or jersey, and immediately pulling the ball carrier down.

Nebraska 38 Illinois 21

Nebraska 12 yd PASS TD scored by Jack Stoll (Scoring Drive: 3 plays, 7 yards, 0:17). Illinois had a good defensive stop, sacking Martinez and was poised to get the ball back. BUTT NO! They muff the punt again! And Nebraska gets a short field with :20 left and we score!