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Nebraska Recruiting: All-Purpose Back Wandale Robinson chooses Kentucky over Nebraska

Vince Marrow - the Gift That Keeps on Giving - Steals Another

NCAA Football: Music Bowl-Kentucky vs Northwestern Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Vince Marrow, bugaboo of Nebraska recruiting, has taken his fifth player from the Cornhuskers.

This is rather baffling from a football point of view. Robinson is a perfect fit for the Duck-R position in the Frostfence. Kentucky only threw 8 passes all game against Missouri. Robinson’s girlfriend is going to Kentucky, which certainly can be a factor. Former Husker grad assistant Marrow is a formidable recruiter. I have heard Mom wants him close so she can go to games, which can be a large factor. The large bag of not $EC cash that Marrow didn’t put on their kitchen table yesterday evening certainly wasn’t a factor at all.

To give you an idea of how quickly and recently this changed:

Reactions from the Cornnation recruiting staff were mixed.

The humans were disappointed:

Gus was angrily defiant:

Jack was unpleasantly surprised:

It’s a long time until December. This fight isn’t over. Remember that in November, coaches are allowed to visit the recruit’s home rather than just his school. You can bet Ryan Held and crew will not be letting up on him. The Cornnation recruiting staff will keep following this situation.

Stay tuned, Husker faithful! GBR!