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Frosted Flakes: Ohio State Needs To Beat Nebraska, Halloween Potatoes And Onions

Are the Buckeyes going to be up for this game?

Tulane v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

This upcoming game is huge for Ohio State against Nebraska this weekend.

Consider where the Buckeyes are. They are one of the elite teams in college football over the past few years since Urban Meyer became their head coach. They don’t define a successful season as getting into a big bowl game; they define it as getting into the College Football Playoff and having a shot at a national title.

That will be very difficult considering the beat down Purdue put on them in their last game.

Their only shot at the College Football Playoff is in winning the Big Ten. This means they must win out and obviously, that includes beating Michigan at the end of the regular-season. They cannot afford another stumble.

Were they to give up a crap load of points to a 2 – 6 Nebraska team… Well, let’s say it would be a good look to the old guys on the playoff committee. Were they to lose… Well, let’s say that the only thing that would make them feel better is beating Michigan and destroying the Wolverines chances of making the playoff.

There is plenty of speculation surrounding Urban Meyer and whether he will be around to coach Ohio State next season. Could it be that what we see this weekend is a tale of two teams heading in opposite directions?

Nebraska seems to have gotten it together in the past couple games. Granted, those games weren’t against juggernaut photos or anything close, but they were far better games than we’d seen earlier in the season. Conversely, Ohio State looked good early on and seemed to be getting worse as the season goes on. There was not only the shellacking at Purdue but the close (relatively speaking) game at Minnesota in which the Buckeyes won 30 – 17.

It’s clear Ohio State is flawed. It’s clear Nebraska is improving. It’s whether or not those two points intersect at a place in time and space that allow our beloved Huskers another win.

I live in a small cul-de-sac. It was dark and quiet on Halloween. Years ago, it was filled with children as most of us in our neighborhood had small children at the same time. Those children have all grown, and most have moved on, and there are other neighborhoods around us filled with young life. Ours is an old neighborhood that is not yet seen a new generation take over.

It might seem sad, but that’s how life goes on. Neighborhoods, like ourselves, mature and it’s a matter of whether they replenish themselves or turn old and get decrepit.

That’s rather depressing.

Let’s shift focus to the “good old days.”

My kids reminded me of what we used to do for Halloween when they were children. I’d forgotten that I usually dressed up as “a bag of leaves.” My costume while leading them around from house to house was wearing a garbage bag with leaves glued onto it.

In the years that I stayed home and gave out candy… Well, sometimes I didn’t give out candy. I would give out onions and potatoes.

We would have a big bowl of candy, and in that bowl, I would hide onions and potatoes. I never allowed the children to reach in and grab their candy as that seems uncivilized. Instead, I would hold the bowl out before them so they could see the candy and then I would reach in and “palm” a potato and drop it in their bag with a big “thud.” I’m sure they always thought that I was giving them more candy than everyone else.

I always envisioned them getting home, dumping out their bag on the floor and wondering who in the hell gave them a potato.

My world was shattered one year when a Mom called from the curbside, “I’d rather have another onion this year than more candy.” I thought I’d been so clever.

One year I gave out hotel soaps, those little bars. I said to the children, “Who wants to be clean?” The children, always naïve, always innocent, would say, “We do!” And so I would give them tiny little bars of soap.

I miss the days when our neighborhood was young.


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