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Wisconsin 41 Nebraska 24: Game Recap and Reaction Thread

The Huskers put up 500 yards of offense, but the same old bugaboos showed up to doom their efforts in Madison

Nebraska v Wisconsin Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

This was what most of us expected. The Badgers managed to mash the Huskers and control the game with their running backs. Nebraska didn’t show a lot of progress, but I don’t think they took too many steps backward. If Frost gets even a few more pieces of this puzzle pulled together, this will be a fun team to watch.

First Quarter

Wisconsin won the toss and chose to start with the ball. No surprise, Eric Lee drew the start at corner for the Huskers. Wisconsin converted a fourth down fourth down near midfield, because, why not? They quickly moved into the red zone behind the running of Jonathan Taylor. The Blackshirts held up against a very good red zone team and forced the Rafael Gaglionone field goal.

Wisconsin 3 Nebraska 0

The Huskers got a nice first down pass play to Stanley Morgan Jr, but sputtered after that. Caleb Lightbourn came out for the punt and, say it with me, special teams drew a penalty, a false start. Jack Dunn returned the punt to the 45 yard line. Nebraska’s special teams are still “special” so far today.

In addition to Jonathan Taylor, Jake Ferguson was doing damage to the Nebraska defense. Fortunately, the Blackshirts held up and forced a punt. Touchback.

The Husker offense went three-and-out and after a terrible punt by Lightbourn, the Badgers were in business at midfield. They moved the ball close to the red zone.

Second Quarter

The Badgers had their chances at the end zone but had to settle for a field goal.

Wisconsin 6 Nebraska 0

Maurice Washington kneeled the kickoff in the end zone for the touchback. He continued to be the workhorse on the drive, taking the Huskers past midfield with hard running and a sweeeeeet spin move. An in complete pass to JD Spielman and a holding penalty on Matt Farniok moved Nebraska back to the 50 yard line. On a big third and 16, Adrian Martinez found a wide open Stanley Morgan, Jr. to put the Huskers in the red zone. The drive stalled at the 14 and the Barret Pickering field goal was good.

Wisconsin 6 Nebraska 3

Aaron Cruickshank brought the kickoff out of the end zone and was only stopped by a shoestring, touchdown-saving tackle by Caleb Lightbourn. Wiscy wasted no time pushing the ball down the field and were set up at first and goal (three yard line) within a few plays. The first down run by Taylor was originally ruled down at the one, but reversed on replay. Touchdown Wisconsin.

Wisconsin 13 Nebraska 3

Nebraska quickly passed midfield but saw a great J.D. Spielman reverse-the-field play called back on a ticky tacky holding call on Jerald Foster. Adrian Martinez showed his youth as he took a sack rather than throwing the ball away, setting up third and 12. The pass was complete to Spielman but it was called back on a hands to the face penalty on Farniok. On third and 27, Martinez found Morgan but it was well short of the line to gain.

The Badgers started using their timeouts with 2 minutes left in the half. The fourth down pass was incomplete and Wisconsin took over at the 37 yard line. The Badgers found all kinds of holes in the Blackshirt defense and powered downfield. A pass interference call on Lamar Jackson set up the Badgers with a first and goal with 55 seconds in the half.

Luke Gifford sacked Alex Hornibrook on first down but all was for naught as he found the tight end Ferguson for the touchdown.

Wisconsin 20 Nebraska 3

Nebraska got the ball with 35 seconds left but went three-and-out and punted the ball back to Wiscy with 12 seconds left. Of note - the Huskers sent out the backup punter Isaac Armstrong.

Wiscy took a knee and that ended the half.



But we still don’t know who his roommate is.

#3 ranked Husker volleyball is in a big time contest with #5 Minnesota in a match that will determine which team takes sole control of the Big Ten. The Huskers lost set one, took set two and are trading blows with the Gophers in set three.

Third Quarter

I flipped over from the volleyball game just in time to watch J.D. Spielman jogging all alone to the endzone. TOUCHDOWN NEBRASKA!!! The 75 yard catch and run was the longest offensive play for the Huskers all season.

Wisconsin 20 Nebraska 10

On the Badgers ensuing possession, the Huskers drew their 7th penalty of the game (for 75 yards). The Huskers had the Badgers in a third and seven. The Blackshirts had Hornibrook in their grasp, but he made the completion to keep the drive alive. A couple plays later, Taylor found the edge, went over 100 yards rushing for the game and found the end zone. Touchdown Wisconsin.

Wisconsin 27 Nebraska 10

Some nice plays by the Nebraska offense....Get out your bingo cards....Fumble. Badgers recover.

The nice announcers note that Wisconsin has crossed midfield and made it into Husker territory on all seven of their drives so far. Even a holding call doesn’t slow them down as they get 19 yards on a first and 17. Sigh.

And then 20 more once they reach the red zone. Touchdown Tawain Deal.

Wisconsin 34 Nebraska 10

Adrian Martinez fumbled on the next play but the ball fortunately sailed out of bounds. Of concern, Maurice Washington crawled off the field in obvious pain. Enter Devine Ozigbo...and J.D. Spielman who was somehow forgotten by the Badger secondary and he moved the Huskers well inside Badger territory.

After scrambling around, Adrian Martinez found Jack Stoll in the very edge of the end zone. TOUCHDOWN NEBRASKA!!

Wisconsin 34 Nebraska 17

The defense is gassed and has been on the field way too much but I want to shoutout to Mohamed Barry. He plays like his hair is on fire all the time.

The Blackshirts forced a punt and the Husker offense was pinned deep. Thanks to J.D. Spielman, they moved out of the shadow of their end zone. Wisconsin’s Scott Nelson was flagged for targeting on Washington. A hold by Nebraska offset the yardage, but the ejection stood.

Fourth Quarter

Jump, jump around!

OK, stop it. Down in front!

Near interception. Heroics by Stanley Morgan. Holding on Nebraska. Near interception. Sack. Punt. Lightbourn appears to be benched as Isaac Armstrong came out again.

Good effin’ grief. One play. One 88 yard touchdown by Jonathan Taylor. He is now over 200 yards rushing if you care about that stuff.

Wisconsin 41 Nebraska 17

Maurice Washington had a really nice kickoff return, but it was called cards ready?...block in the back and the Huskers were pinned on their 5 yard line.

My stream cut out, but the next thing I saw was a rainbow to J.D. Spielman which set up first and goal on the seven. Adrian Martinez wiggled his way around the edge for the touchdown.

Wisconsin 41 Nebraska 24

Haha! Announcers second guessing the fact that the Huskers kicked the extra point rather than going for two. “It could have been a two-score game.” Of all the things to second guess about Nebraska, that is not on the top of my list.

Wiscy runs a couple plays then DiCaprio Bootle forces the Wiscy fumble. Khalil Davis recovers. Huskers take over at their own 44. Adrian Martinez alternated between having 15 seconds to throw the ball and .15 seconds. The Huskers turned it over on downs with 3 minutes left in the game. The Wisconsin secondary is dropping like flies, but Nebraska probably won’t have a chance to take advantage of that.

The Martinez - Spielman - Washington triumvirate is going to be fun to watch for another couple years. The Huskers did get the ball back with 53 seconds. Andrew Bunch and Wyatt Mazour were sent out to finish out the game. A Kurt Rafdal catch put the Huskers over 500 yards of offense.

Final - Wisconsin 41 Nebraska 24