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Corn Nation Loses Your Money: Wisconsin Week Edition

Will any of us take the Huskers? Maybe with the line where it was earlier this week?

Troy v Wisconsin Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Mike: Is this week? Could it be? Or is this simply another BOHICA moment for the Big Red?

Nate M: Had my best week of the season after going 4-1. My current tally is up to 12-12. If I was a baseball player, that’d be pretty good.

Patrick G.: I have no clue where I’m at right now. I think I made some bad predictions last week? I don’t know and I’m not sure if I want to look.

Jill: I’m now 14-9 (14-10 if you include my Jackrabbit prediction, but since it wasn’t on Mike’s official list, I’m not counting it.)

Uglydog56: Pain is just weakness leaving the body. aka 14-9.

Greg: So no one is going to keep track of my picks? In that case...I think I’m 20-3. Prove me wrong.

Iowa (-6.5) at Minnesota

Nate M: I think Iowa is better this season than most expected and they have a future first round draft pick at tight end...where was he from? Iowa wins.

Patrick G.: Is anyone going to watch this game? University of Iowa 18 University of Minnesota 7

Jill: The most least-watched game of B1GB1G football. Iowegia by 14 at least.

Uglydog56: The CIA will punish war criminals by making them watch this game over and over, Clockwork Orange style. My 20 years in the Navy have taught me never to trust anyone who prefers transport by boat. Iowa wins.

Mike: Iowa is better than expected; Minnesota is ... not. Squawkeyes 27, Goofers 9

Greg: Can I be the contrarian here and just pick Minnesota? I don’t want to pick Iowa to win. It makes me feel dirty. Gophers find a way to win, 27-21

Illinois (-3.5) at Rutgers

Nate M: I’m actually somewhat surprised Illinois is only favored by 3.5. Illinois I think is better than we think. They almost beat a pretty good South Florida team. Illinois walks away clean after beating Rutgers.

Patrick G.: Oh wow, an even worse game than the above mentioned. University of Illinois 21 Rutgers University 17

Jill: Are you doing this to us on purpose Mike? Why do you hate us this much?!? I take back what I said about Iowa - Minnesota being the least-watched game. I guess someone has to win this one. It’s probably Illinois.

Mike: No, I always pick games with odds within 10 points, and this game was right in the wheelhouse. Last weekend, I really had to work on it. But this one is right there: conference game with a competitive spread. AJ Bush could be back at quarterback, but I don’t think Illinois needs him this week. Illini 31, Rutgers 13

Uglydog56: How many people play pitch out there? Card parties were the primary means of socializing in the Sandhills when I was growing up. Instead of Us/Them, my sister’s team name was Underground Bunny Fight Club. People have sent me a lot of links to Youtube videos of bunnies fighting. I recommend googling these videos in lieu of watching this football game. Illinois.

Greg: I vaguely remember Pitch when I lived in the Panhandle. However I don’t remember anything about it. We played a lot more card games that induced a lot more drinking. This game would definitely take a toll on my liver if I was forced to watch it. Illini 31 Rutgers 17

Oklahoma (-7.5) vs. Texas at the Cotton Bowl, Dallas

Nate M: Texas needs some humble pie. Looking forward to seeing it. Boomer sooner.

Patrick G.: I like cotton. University of Texas 32 University of Oklahoma 31

Jill: I’m not allowed to put Okie games on the TV at our house because the family despises the Boomer Sooner song playing every 30 seconds. They don’t have anything against Oklahoma, they just hate hearing the same song over and over and over and over and over and over and over... Sooners still win.

Uglydog56: How about next week we just stab ourselves in the thigh with icepicks instead of picking these teams? Texas is back / not back.

Greg: The Red River Showdown. Props to Texas for running so many teams out of the Big 12 that now they have just one meaningful conference game per year. Boomer by double digits.

Mike: Ever since that opening weekend debacle against Maryland, the Bovines actually haven’t been that bad. But, it all comes to an end this week. Boomer41, Bovines 28

Notre Dame (-5.5) at Virginia Tech

Nate M: I have family that lives in Virginia and all three of my cousins went to Virginia Tech. So I’ll go with Virginia Tech to win at one of the toughest places to play in the country.

Patrick G.: This should have been a better game but I don’t know who Bud Foster has left on the VaTech defense. University of Notre Dame 28 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 14

Uglydog56: Notre Dame is doing work this season. I’m a huge fan of Justin Fuente, and Bud Foster, but there’s just not enough in the tank to take down a Touchdown Jesus.

Greg: The Podcast known as Tom and Jim’s Top Five just did an episode on their top five football movies. Varsity Blues, The program, and many more great movies were mentioned, including Jim coming in with the controversial Concussion. Only one guy (Tom) mentioned Rudy. Therefore, the Golden domers will clearly win this athletic contest.

Mike: Virginia Tech gets into the Top 25 because they beat a bad Florida State team. Notre Dame gets into the Top 10 because of a good half against Michigan and because they are, well, Notre Dame. Well, I’ll put my money on the slightly better squad in this battle of overrateds. Amish 31, Turkeys 18

Nebraska (+20.5) at Wisconsin

Nate M: I was right on the dot last week when I said Nebraska loses by two touchdowns. This week I think Nebraska loses by 17. Now if that were to happen and it wasn’t a result of garbage time touchdowns, then that is probably progress right?

Patrick G.: I have no idea what will be going on in Madison. Will Nebraska not screw up as much as they did against Purdue? Will Wisconsin come out and muscle their way to a big victory? Can Scott Frost get a good night sleep before the game? University of Wisconsin 39 University of Nebraska 17

Jill: I would love the W and this team seemed headed in the right direction in the second half last week. The Husker receivers come up big at times, but it won’t be enough I’m afraid. Badgers by 14.

Uglydog56: This game is a moral victory if there are 9 or less penalties, Wisconsin has to punt at least once a quarter, and Alex Hornibrook is forced to throw a pass at least once a series. Every game we lose, Scott Frost’s hat brim gets curled a little tighter. He might not be able to see out of it by the time the Huskers get that first W. When I was a kid, we did it just like a glove - baseball and a thick rubber band, shoved under the mattress. I wonder what he does?

Greg: We covered this on the newest Five Heart Podcast (are you listening?). I’m inebriated on the Husker kool-aid and yes, my bias is showing. Huskers 45 Badgers 35. I don’t know how, but I have faith.

Mike: I just want to see this team compete like they did in the second half last week against Purdue. I think Wisconsin’s secondary can be had, and so this might actually be fun to watch. Badgers 42, Huskers 31