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Husker Friends, Brothers, and Sisters, Now Is Not A Time For Weakness

Stop shirking, dammit.

Jon Johnston

Yesterday I saw where some Iowegian bar had purchased a fridge full of crappy beer so they could give it out to Nebraska fans when our beloved Huskers finally win a game. I am not going to embed the tweet here as I do not wish to provide these people, these evil people, with the free marketing and attention they so desire. If you wish, you can look it up on the Internets.


Brothers and sisters.

I am here today to tell you that this is not a time for weakness. This is not a time for you to put away your Husker gear. It is not a time for you to shirk your Nebraska fanhood.

No, I say unto you, that this is a time when our beloved Husker football team needs us more than ever. They need us to stand up and represent. They need us to remain proud. They need to keep wearing the scarlet and cream and walking around town as if we are on the verge of the greatest thing ever.

This is tough. I’m not going to lie. It’s easy to hide away when things are bad. It’s easy to pretend that the only thing you own is a Denver Broncos jersey, may our father have mercy on your soul for owning that crap in the first place.

When your team is 0 – 4, you want to remain quiet. I would ask you not to do so. I understand there many of you who are good at dishing it out but not taking it. This is a good opportunity, the best in a while, to learn what it is to have thick skin and not let the metaphorical rocks and proverbial tomatoes thrown by our enemies injure you, but to experience what it’s like, like I do, to have them bounce off with no effect.

Some may accuse you of being stupid. I am accused of being stupid many times a week. I do not allow my enemies to bother me. They do not understand what I possess. They do not understand what you possess. They do not understand that when you look forward you see a bright future, a brighter future than any past than they can possibly imagine.

This is your time. This is your time to understand what it’s like to be strong, to dish it out even though what comes back to you may be tenfold in its return.

There will come a time when Nebraska will win a game. You might want to go to that Iowegian bar and claim your free, shitty beer. I say unto you, nay, do not do so. Even though that beer be free, it will still bear the taint of Iowa, that hog-smelling state, and of those who live in it and worship the Hawkeye.

There will come a time when Nebraska wins many games, all strung together in a streak. It is that time in which you will have revenge upon those who abused you when you were at your lowest. That revenge will be the sweetest of all. When this time comes, Husker fans will celebrate with many beers bought between ourselves and perhaps taken from our enemies, but not tainted with the disgust of Iowa.

I want you all to know that those of us who remain strong will not hold it against you who are weak. I understand that not all of us are blessed with the gift of thick skin. I understand that not all of us are blessed with my level of stupidity. What I’m trying to say is when our beloved Huskers start winning again, that you will be welcomed back with open arms, although you’ll probably have to buy a lot of beer, good beer mind you, to make up for it.

We are all in this together in all kinds of weather for dear Ol’ Nebraska U. Well, at least most of us.

Can I get an amen, you sunsabitches?