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Week 10? Big Ten Power Poll

Bethune Cookman v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

It’s that part of the season where nothing makes sense. I can’t even remember what week of the season it is. When I get to times like this I find it useful to focus on the immutable certainties in my life: FiveGuys is the best burger joint in the country; I will procrastinate filing my taxes until literally the last day; and Urban Meyer and Steve King are the worst people on the planet.

Paul: I am not voting Northwestern over Ohio State. Ever. Also, Maryland gets a (dis)honorable #14 for bringing Durkin back. I actually think his return is going to tank the team anyway. Maryland may not win another game and Durkin will get fired the old fashioned way...for losing.

Nate: I’m putting Maryland at 14 because they brought back Durkin. I don’t get it.

Patrick: What the heck happened this past weekend?

UglyDog56: There’s Michigan, then there’s a big mess, then Iowa tried to score a touchdown with a lineman, then there’s another big mess, then there’s the cellar. What a muddle the conferences are this year! It’s not like the Pac-12, ACC, and Big 12 are any different though.

Mike: Other that Michigan, Ohio State and Rutgers, the B1G is a B1G hodgepodge where you can pretty much sort them randomly and justify it.

Jon: How the hell did Maryland beat Texas at the beginning of the season? How is it that Northwestern is at the top of the West? Will Illinois and Rutgers ever become FBS football teams? Will the Big Ten ever make Iowa play a tough schedule? So many questions....