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Nebraska Basketball Player Preview 2018: Karrington Davis and the Trojan Dilemma

Huskers lost a young talent earlier this season

Oh, what could have been. A young and talented small forward from a nice high school in Florida. He gets recruited by a few pretty good schools from across the country.

The six foot six inch phenom decides where he wants to go in February of his senior year. He chooses a nice state school smack dab in the middle of the country. Think if it this way, a Florida kid picked a midwestern school in the middle of winter. Anyone who does that really wants to go to that school.

Well, he is technically from St. Louis, but I digress...

Spring and summer come. He plays ball as times goes by. August comes and he registers for classes and begins college. After a couple of months, basketball practice starts. Everything is going hunky dory.



Freshman small forward from Florida goes down.

What is it?

If you didn’t read the title or have not followed Nebraketball recently then I will spell it out for you if you have yet to guess.

He went down with an achilles tear. As with any other time this happens, he had surgery. Surgery, from what we know so far, went well. There is now anywhere from six to eight months of recovery before he will be full strength.

They player we are talking about is Karrington Davis. A highly touted recruit in the 2018 class. It’s a tough break, not only for Nebraska but also Karrington who was nursing a hip injury his senior year that he had back in the spring of 2017.

Nebraska is already struggling for height and even if Karrington did not play much during the games his reach would have been a nice addition to the practice squad this upcoming season.

So, while we won’t be seeing Mr. Davis’s number this upcoming season, we wish him the quickest of recoveries to what should be a very bright Husker career.

(Please tell me you got the title reference)