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Frosted Flakes: The Fence Dilemna

Rip them all out at once or replace them one section at a time? We also have turtle wheelchairs, humans as batteries, and lots of Husker news!

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Cattle Return From Alpine Summer Grazing Photo by Philipp Guelland/Getty Images

Here on the ranch, it is time to begin renovating fences. They aren’t all that bad yet, but we haven’t done a major overhaul since we moved here.

We could continue what we are doing - which is fix a few posts here and there, splice wires and occasionally replace a strand of wire.

Or we could start tearing out sections and replacing them.

By starting now, we can fix it one section at a time. We can pull out trees and replace rotten posts before they fall over on their own.

Some of the sections we replace could last a few more years. We could wait. We could do it all at once instead of one section at a time.

Rip it all out at once or replace it a little at a time? Each approach has positives and negatives. But make no mistake, one way or the other, the fences need to be replaced eventually.

Frosted Flakes

How every team on Nebraska’s schedule has beef with Scott Frost -
After Purdue and Michigan indicated Frost gave them bulletin-board material, let’s see how deep this goes.

Bottom 10 introduces the Arkansas Corn-Bruins
Arkansas, Nebraska and UCLA have a combined 1-12 record this season, so Bottom 10 headquarters has put them all together to create one super (bad) team.

Warner gets his shot for Huskers | |
LINCOLN — Kade Warner had been waiting for his chance.

Corder Earns Second Big Ten Award of Season - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
For the second time in three weeks, junior Aubrei Corder collected Big Ten Goalkeeper-of-the-Week honors.

Nebraska volleyball adds to winning streak in 3-1 over No. 7 Illinois | Sports |
The No. 3 ranked Nebraska volleyball earned their 11th straight win against No. 7 Illinois in Champaign, Illinois. The Huskers handed the Fightin’ Illini their first loss of the season

Defense Spurring No. 3 Huskers - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
John Cook says effort, heart and mindset are keys to defense for Nebraska’s volleyball team, which carries 13-match winning streak into home meeting with Iowa.

2018 Recruiting Rankings: Top 25 | D1Baseball
LSU has topped D1Baseball’s ranking of the top 25 recruiting classes of 2018.

Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

Calumet high school’s Joshua Johnson is a 350-pound running back -
Absolute unit.

Alex Honnold Filmed in National Geographic’s ‘Free Solo’ Movie
Honnold planned to climb Yosemite’s El Capitan without a rope. Chin would film it. But first they had to figure out how to talk about it.

After motocross accident, Kiana Clay hopes to compete as snowboarder at 2020 Paralympics
There was too much syrup and too much mud on the day that altered Kiana Clay’s journey.

Warren Buffett says Lakers' LeBron James has a 'money mind' |
Billionaire Warren Buffett says he thinks Lakers forward LeBron James has a strong financial acumen.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

World War II bombings weakened upper atmosphere at edge of space | Ars Technica
Each Allied raid released the energy of at least 300 lightning strikes, study finds.

Smart devices could soon tap their owners as a battery source -- ScienceDaily
The world is edging closer to a reality where smart devices are able to use their owners as an energy resource, say experts.

Who believes in conspiracies? Research by Union professor offers a theory | Union College
Given that any particular conspiracy theory is unlikely to be the subject of mainstream consensus, what draws people to them?

Termites: Advanced animal society can thrive without males
Termite colonies have been found to thrive and reproduce asexually, without males. The finding provides new evidence that males aren’t required to maintain some advanced animal societies.

Evidence that addictive behaviors have strong links with ancient retroviral infection -- ScienceDaily
New research shows that an ancient retrovirus -- HK2 -- is more frequently found in drug addicts and thus is significantly associated with addiction.

Then There’s This

This Injured Turtle That Was Given A LEGO Wheelchair Is Everything We Need Right Now | IFLScience
A wild Eastern box turtle at Maryland Zoo has been given a novel way to recover from a fractured shell.