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Nebraska Football Monday Press Conference

Mondays aren’t so bad when the Huskers win on Saturday. We heard from several players, a recruiting tidbit, and what to expect vs Ohio State.

NCAA Football: Bethune Cookman at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Monday! That means it is time to talk to the Husker head coach Scott Frost. As always, I type these out as I’m listening/watching and don’t go back to make sure they are exact.

Several players talked to the press before Scott Frost:

Luke Gifford says nice things about Ohio State and discusses what the defense needs to do better.

Scott Frost

On what has jumped out to him about Ohio State

“Early on, I thought they looked really good. It almost looked like they were toying with some teams...there’s no question they are a really talented team, well-coached team and I have no doubt we’re going to get their best shot”

On how he feels about the defense

“We’re growing, just like I’ve said all year. There were a couple plays where we played the stack wrong...we’ve given up too many big was good to see the turnovers. I think our defense is continuing to get better. We’re playing an elite team this weekend...I hope our team is ready and prepared for the challenge.”

On playing a top team like Ohio State

“Winning becomes a do the things the right go in expecting to win games...teams that expect it find ways...we’re learning to do that now. There will be a time in the near future where our guys expect to win those games.”

On the team dynamic

“It’s gotten a lot better. News flash - when guys are doing things the right way, we win a lot more games. We aren’t asking them to do anything crazy, be on time, be where they’re supposed to be...cutting corners, not being reliable, those habits have to be changed.”

On getting Adrian ready for what he’ll see Saturday

“He’s already gotten a chance to play in loud stadiums, he’s going to get another chance Saturday. The beating he took at Michigan, I hope it never gets worse for him than that in his career. He’s also a lot healthier than he was going into that one.”

“The quarterback looks better when everyone else around him is playing well. He takes the blame when things don’t go well.”

On the passing game

“Our perimeter game has got to be better.”

“What has improved is Adrian’s ability to fit balls into tight he’s starting to see things and anticipate them. The ball is getting to receivers on time and in smaller windows.”

On recruiting

“We’re right on track. We’re gonna sign a bunch of guys. Even if we sign the max, I don’t think we’ll get to 85 scholarships. I like where we are at right now...we feel good about the guys we have and we’ll work with them to get them where they need to be.”

On using the four game rule to preserve redshirts

“It will be a case by case basis...but there will be a few guys that will have an expanded role in the last four games. It will help special teams.”

On Maurice Washington’s progress

“Big time progress. Now, he needs some time in the weight room. He’s happy when he gets over 180.”