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Nebraska Leads Bethune-Cookman 38-3 At Half

It’s a pretty good half. You can complain about the defense, but you’d just be complaining, wouldn’t you?

Bethune Cookman v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Our beloved Huskers took the ball to start the game, and in what had to be an ominous omen, Bethune-Cookman kicked the ball out of bounds. If that weren’t enough, the entire team of Wildcats showed up wearing long sleeves as if the cold, frozen winds of a Nebraska October might infect them with cornitus or some other such blight of the blustery midwest.

7-0 Nebraska

Nebraska marched down the field, scoring on a 14-yard run by Devine Ozigbo. The drive took 7 plays, went 65 yards, and ran 2:32 off the clock. The only bad was a false start penalty by Matt Farniok.


Our beloved Huskers held the Wildcats to a three-and-out, then JD Spielman returned the ensuing punt 77 yards for the second touchdown of the game.


Bethune-Cookman didn’t appear to be intimidated as they scored on the next drive. Uriel Hernandez made a 28-yard field goal that was set up by a 54-yard reception as David Israel connected with Steffon Francois.


Nebraska scored again and everyone cheered. This touchdown was a three-yard reception from Adrian Martinez to Stanley Morgan Jr. The big play came on a 40-yard catch by Spielman from Martinez. The drive lasted 2:19, took 6 plays and went 76 yards.


Nebraska 27 yd PASS TD scored by Stanley Morgan (Scoring Drive: 8 plays, 69 yards, 2:26)

At this point, Martinez is 11-14 for 156 yards and two touchdowns. Morgan has six receptions for 75 yards and two touchdowns, while Devine Ozigbo has five carries for 39 yards and a touchdown. Other than one false start penalty, the offense looks very crisp.

The defense has given up one big play and a field goal. Damn them. Martinez throws an interception.

Nebraska fans grumble. It was this same way under Tom Osborne. Nebraska would be beating Iowa State 56-14 in the third quarter and some guy in the stands would be going insane because the defense just gave up 20 yards.

Nebraska 35-3

Nebraska 8 yd RUSH TD scored by Maurice Washington (Scoring Drive: 7 plays, 74 yards, 2:44)

Notable plays: Bryan Reimers catching a poorly thrown pass while he was laying on the ground and Jack Stoll with a 37-yard reception that would have been a touchdown if he had picked up his feet a bit. I’m sure he’ll be thinking that same thing for a couple days, and 30 years later, ruminating in his morning coffee with the older old guys at the donut shop.

Nebraska 38-3

Nebraska 29 yd FG scored by B. Pickering (Scoring Drive: 8 plays, 33 yards, 2:36)

Bethune-Cookman had a nice drive going until they turned the ball over. Nebraska rambled down the field like some seven year old kid walking to school and admiring all the Monarch butterflies on the way. The Huskers decided that Barrett Pickering needed to kick a field goal, so they let him after getting a false start penalty to test his patience.