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CornNation Loses Your Money: Bethune-Cookman Make Up Edition

Yeah, Nebraska’s probably going to win. But who else today?

Bethune Cookman v Miami
Florida speeeeed.
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Mike: OK, everybody! What were you originally planning to do this weekend?

Nate M: My wife and I are in a wedding. Neither the bride or groom are Husker football fans or sports fans in general but they still were mindful enough to get married on a Nebraska football bye week. Then mother nature had different plans. After a 3-2 I am up to 23-16. I’m sure Jill is still blowing everybody else out of the water.

Jill: I think I’m at 25-12 now, but Uglydog is the CN leader. I’m obviously off somewhere as I should only have one or two games less than Nate (two I chose not to pick). So, do you think Mike has gotten the hint and quit choosing Iowa games for this article?

Uglydog56: I was going to a roping clinic. Unfortunately my horse has the horse equivalent of a torn ACL. So I’ll be riding my gritty hometown walk-on horse this weekend at the roping clinic. I paid too much money (and need way too much help with team roping) to miss this clinic. 27-11 sounds really good but don’t ever go off my predictions! Isn’t Mike from Iowa? Maybe he lives in Iowa? Maybe we should see what flag is hanging in his garage.

Patrick G.: I wish Bethune-Cookman could have brought their band...

Paul: I was going to go fishing.

Iowa (+6.5) at Penn State

Nate M: I am currently on the Iowa bandwagon...I may be dragging behind it because I actually don’t want to be physically associated with that school but I’m on the bandwagon nonetheless. Iowa could be representing the West division this year as Wisconsin could slip up this weekend. Iowa wins.

Jill: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Okay, this is actually a challenging Iowegia game to pick. Penn State’s offense is having issues, Iowa’s defense is solid. Penn State has a history of good game-planning against the Hawkeyes. Give me the home team but I think it is more wishful thinking than anything else.

Uglydog56: If this game was in Iowegia City, I would pick the Hawkeyes. They are playing sound, fundamental football. In College Station, I think lions will maul Alan Alda. I mean, he’s 82.

Patrick G.:

Pennsylvania State University 24 University of Iowa 17

Mike: Iowa has outpaced expectations; Penn State has not. I’m tired of being wrong second-guessing the Hawkeyes. Squawkeyes 27, Nitts 21

Paul: Iowa is the best in the West. Iowa 24, PSU 17

Purdue (+2) at Michigan State

Nate M: The Big Ten West continues to show their teeth as Purdue wins at Michigan State. Purdue is one of the hottest teams in the country right now and I’m just glad we have already played them. Purdue wins.

Jill: The Spartans are probably still mad about last weekend and the dust up with the Wolverines. Purdue is flying high after a domination of the Buckeyes. Which team comes out more focused? Normally, I’d say the Spartans, but I think Purdue is rolling. Boilers by 4.

Uglydog56: This game is going to be highly revelatory for both teams. How does Sparty handle a tough emotional loss to an archrival? How does Purdue handle unprecedented success against a Goliath? This game will be decided by the growth of young men, not by schemes. I played it safe and picked against Brohm last week. Although I’m rooting for the Brohm experiment to succeed, I believe Coach Dantonio will have his team on point Saturday. Sparty’s defense prevails.

Patrick G.:

Michigan State University 17 Purdue University 14

Mike: Sparty has been up and down this season, while Purdue has been getting hotter and hotter. But I think the Boilers are due for a letdown after their huge upset last week. Sparty 31, Boilers 28

Paul: Purdue is much better than we want to think they can be, but a let down is inevitable after last week. Sparty 31, Purdue 27

Wisconsin (-7) at Northwestern

Nate M: I know I said they could slip up this week, but having to put money on it (that is required right?) I think they will win against Northwestern. Clayton Thorson might throw the ball 60 times though as Northwestern can simply not run the ball. Northwestern might just have to pay keep away and hope for a turnover or two. I know Hornibrook might be out with a concussion, but I’m not a believer in him anyways. Either way I think Wisconsin is just going the run the ball down Northwestern’s throat.

Jill: Even without Hornibrook, Wiscy still has Jonathan Taylor. I don’t know why Thorson always looks like a decent quarterback against Nebraska, but he seems to lose some luster against everyone else. Badgers cover.

Uglydog56: I will be surprised if this game ends up within a touchdown. Evidence: Northwestern starts strong but always comes out flat in the third quarter. Evidence: Wisky always comes out and takes control of a game after halftime. Wisky is like the grappler in the UFC match that inexorably chokes you with a steady waterboarding of Jonathan Taylor runs until you give up the code to Druidia’s air shield. Badgers win, I change the combinations on my luggage.

Patrick G.:

University of Wisconsin 10 Northwestern University 8

Mike: Northwestern doesn’t seem to play as well in Evanston in front of a hostile visiting crowd. Badgers 28, Wildkitties 20

Paul: NwU can’t get its shit together this year. Wisconsin is consistently good. UW 38, NwU 21

Texas (-3.5) at Oklahoma State

Nate M: Every time I have bet against Texas this season I have lost. So I’m going with Texas. They’re back! Well until next week.

Jill: I feel like my knee-jerk response is to always pick against Texas, unless they’re playing Kansas....oh wait... kinda like Iowa. I’m going to take the home team again even though I think I’m going to regret it.

Uglydog56: Texas: syphilitic afterbirth of a gutter-fucked frog. Gundy cut his mullet and, like Samson, lost his strength. Beethoven wrote his ninth symphony totally deaf from syphilis. Abnormal placentas have cell-level similarities to tumors, and can be used for cancer research. Frogs can change their gender. What’s all this mean? Texas regrettably wins.

Patrick G.:

University of Texas 32 Oklahoma State University 23

Mike: I don’t know what to think of Texas in recent weeks...but I’m not picking against them. Bovines 37, Pokies 31

Paul: I live in San Antonio, and I’m sick of UT.

Bethune Cookman (No Line) at Nebraska

Nate M: Nebraska wins. But what I am interested in seeing is whether Nebraska is going to lay an egg. We should be able to impose our will offensively against Bethune Cookman and if we don’t do that then I’m going to be very concerned especially going into the following week. So while I think we can all assume a win, I am actually very interested in this game unlike other games against school’s I’ve barely heard of because I want to see how this team responds. And if they do respond like they should then I’ll be interested to see some players we have not seen this year get into the game. It should be fun.

Jill: I’m picking the Huskers of course. I want to see Husker backups and third string. I want to see BCU’s band. Why didn’t we make that part of the deal? I want to see a Husker team that is business-like and surgical - not sloppy and either suffering a football hangover after beating Minny or looking ahead to the Buckeyes. I want them to take care of business, not get anyone hurt, and I want Wyatt Mazour pounding the Wildcats into submission by the third quarter.

Uglydog56: We all already lost when B-C announced they weren’t bringing their band. Why couldn’t we have paid 900,000 instead? My lower lip is protruding. A LOT. I want to see the Huskers not slack off in intensity just because the first win monkey is gone, and they’re playing an inferior opponent. I want to see starters rested early. I want to see some experimenting with personnel grouping on defense. That would be a win for me. But not a real win. NO BAND!

Patrick G.:

University of Nebraska 43 Bethune-Cookman 24

Mike: The Huskers are going to run all over the undersized BCU defense. Both teams will go deep on their bench, so weird things are going to happen. My only question is which reserve I-back is going to hit triple digits in rushing yards. Could be Mazour, but I’m going with Mikale Wilbon. Huskers 51, BCU 23

Paul: This is the most overmatched team to play in Memorial Stadium in my lifetime. Huskers go up by 45 in the first half. 2nd and 3rd string plays the entire second half. Nu has 500+ yards rushing and 3 100+ yard rushers. Final is Huskers 59, BCU 10.