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Nebraska Basketball and the Preseason Hype Train that Has Yet To Leave The Station

Choo Choo

NCAA Basketball: Indiana at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s too early, right?

It has to be to early.

I’m not sure if I am emotionally ready for the train.

Is Nebrasketballdom ready for the expectations?

Could the national broadcaster, coaches and writers have a real pulse on the Nebraska men’s basketball team?

Could we be....good?

I know it has become customary for the pre season polls to come out and place predetermined hype upon teams that have yet to play a single important minute. These polls take whatever stats, player turnover, and coaching they can “compute” and push out what they think will be the top teams in the nation.

It is fun and it pushes optimism and excitement into the local fanbases.

Out of all of these polls, one has come to pick Nebraska to be in their illustrious top 25. The Coaches Poll has picked our beloved Huskers #25th in the nation. Why the coaches and none other? That’s a great question. They have come close to cracking the top 25 in a few preseason polls but it was the coaches that deemed them deserving.

It’s has been four years since Nebraska was last ranked. Then it was the preseason Associated Press poll that deemed them worthy.

We all know how the 2014-15 season went...

The Huskers return a lot from last years team. They bring back some of the best scorers and defenders that the university has seen in some time. It also doesn’t help that the Big Ten could be looking at another rebuilding year.

I am not going to push this away as preseason dribble. I am also not going to take this as the nation finally recognizing how good of a team Nebraska brings into this season. What I am going to look at this as, is a taste of what could be. The Huskers have come close in the past but there hasn’t been this much preseason hype in a long time.

The Huskers will be good this year. I would be surprised if they were not. They have quality players, coaches, decent schedule, and a fan base that has been with them through thick and thin. Unlike football, Nebrasketball fans really have been through a lot. Maybe, just maybe, they will finally be rewarded with a successful season.

These players deserve it.

These coaches deserver it.

Hopefully, everyone will have an enjoyable year.

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