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B1G Power Poll Week 8 - The Logjam Breaks Up

Minnesota v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Paul: Finally! Ohio State gives us something interesting to write about this week. I had a hard time deciding how to slot Wisconsin, Iowa, Penn State, and Ohio State. Even Purdue presents some challenges. Though it should probably be easier...they did just pants OSU on ABC this weekend.

Nate: After the win against Minnesota, I couldn’t help but wonder if Nebraska should go from 13th to #1 in the power poll or 13th to #2

Patrick: I said to not sleep on Purdue the first week of the season, then I retracted that statement a week later. I guess I was right the first time.

Uglydog56: Nebraska is out of the cellar! Rutger is moving in though. They’re hanging pictures and buying curtains. I rewarded Purdue for their strong performance this weekend.

Mike: I’ve been on the Michigan bandwagon for a while, and now there’s no discussion on that point. They are the best in the B1G. After that, it’s pretty much a crap shoot. I mean, Northwestern hung with Michigan for much of the game then struggled against Rutgers.

Jill: I probably punished Ohio State too much for their derp against Purdue, but I thought it would be fun to put the Boilers above the Buckeyes for one week at least. The most painful part of that was the fact that Iowa sort of slid into the #3 spot. I’m still not sure what to do with Maryland or Indiana as I haven’t paid much attention to them, so I cheated and looked at where everyone else ranked them.