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Blackshirts: Five More Are Handed Out But One Player Turned It Down

Who could it have been? And why? Tonight at 10!

Minnesota v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

On the Tuesday teleconference, Nebraska Coach Scott Frost announced that Blackshirts were handed out to five new Nebraska defensive players.

Only four of the five “accepted” the “offer” of the Blackshirt. The four which wore the famed black jerseys to practice today were Tre Neal, Khalil Davis, Carlos Davis and Lamar Jackson.

The one that turned down the black jersey? Ben Stille.

Coach Frost said that Ben Stille’s rationale was that Stille didn’t personally feel he had practiced well enough to earn it. So his black jersey stayed in his locker as he put on the beautiful gold jersey’s that are currently worn by the Nebraska defensive players who have not earned a black jersey.

Maybe he will wear the black jersey tomorrow. We need to know. This is super important.

So the official number of members of the Blackshirts is up to 13. The five above-named join Aaron Williams, DiCarpio Bootle, Dedrick Young, Freedom Akinmoladun, Mick Stoltenberg, Tyrin Ferguson, Luke Gifford and Mohamed Barry.

It has been said that while Ben Stille is a sophomore, Stille is already considered one of the leaders of the team. This is probably just an opportunity for a leader to show more leadership. He is holding himself to a higher standard.

Or maybe he is just has some super-duper long term goals.