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Minnesota vs Nebraska Volleyball - Photo Gallery

Shots at Maturi Pavilion of our beloved Huskers taking on Minnesota

Jon Johnston

I got the chance to get to the Minnesota - Nebraska volleyball game Saturday night at Maturi Pavilion on the U of MN campus. Ty already did a recap on the match, so I thought I’d talk a bit about what it’s like to take in a volleyball game at Minnesota.

In a word... raucous.

Minnesota had a great crowd. They were into their volleyball team as much as Nebraska is into their team at Devaney. They don’t quite have the size of crowd (attendance at Maturi was 5,467), but they made up for it with enthusiasm.

Rather than having individual cheers for each player (Nebraska fans yell “You got Foecke’d whenever Mikaela Foecke gets a kill), every time the Gophers score, the announcer yells “POINT U!”. Then the crowd yells “POINT U!”.

It got annoying after a while, which meant the Minnesota fans were doing their job.

It was a great place to see a volleyball match, even if our beloved Huskers didn’t get the win. I asked some Minnesota fans if they expected to see their team in the Final Four, which is hosted in Minneapolis this year, and their universal response was, “We’re taking this one game at a time.” It was almost as if they were all coached to say that. Or maybe they’ve just dealt with more disappointment than Nebraska has and don’t want to get their hopes up.

The Big Ten is a grind. As Ty pointed out in the article linked above, our beloved Huskers have been on a brutal road trip lately, and I honestly thought they looked a little tired at Minnesota. Ty didn’t agree with my assessment on that, but we both agreed that Mikaela Foecke can only carry this team so far by herself, and it was my impression that’s what was happening at Minnesota.

I’m not the greatest volleyball mind, though. I was just trying to get some decent photos.

I hope you enjoy!