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Nebraska Basketball: D’Andre Davis Joins the Class of 2020

Not even a football game could take away from Nebrasketball

Photo via Victory Views

Did you enjoy the first win of the Scott Frost Era? I hope so and hopefully you didn’t miss out on some nice Nebrasketball news that came during the game. The Nebraska men’s basketball squad picked up 6’5” small forward D’Andre Davis of Indianapolis, Indiana.

D’Andre averaged 13 points and 5 rebounds a game his sophomore season last year for Lawrence Central High School in Indianapolis. He is ranked as the fifth best player in Indiana and and thirty sixth best small forward in the nation. The Huskers were his first major offer and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets more over the next two years as he still has to play his junior and senior seasons. He is the second commit in the 2020 class after Lincoln North Star shooting guard Donovan Williams announced his plans to play at Nebraska back in August.

So, coach Miles and his crew are hitting the recruiting trail pretty hard before the start of the season here in November. Between these pledges and the good vibes going into the season it should be a very positive year for the team.