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Tyjon Lindsey Granted Release from Nebraska Football

The former five-star recruit leaves Nebraska with modest contributions on the field.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Nebraska Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Former five-star recruit Tyjon Lindsey has been granted his release from Nebraska football program, ending his time in Lincoln. Because he only played in four games in his sophomore season, he is eligible to count this year as a redshirt; however, under NCAA rules, he still would need to sit out a season due to the transfer. So he’ll still have two seasons of eligibility at his new school, unless he’s earned his degree from Nebraska. There’s a high amount of confusion about the redshirt rule, with many people thinking that players who aren’t graduate transfers don’t have to sit out a year. That is not the case.

Lindsey leaves Nebraska with 15 catches for 98 yards and nine rushes for 13 yards. He also fielded six punts for a net gain of one yard. He saw less playing time in the Purdue game, apparently after missing practice last week due to injury. In January, Lindsey was hospitalized with rhabdomyolysis, shortly after resuming Nebraska’s new strength and conditioning program.