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Friday Flakes: “Nebraska: Honestly, It’s Not For Everyone”

The state has a new tourism slogan. It may be so bad that it works.

Troy v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

In case you haven’t heard the state of Nebraska’s Tourism Commission has unveiled a new tourism slogan for Nebraska, “Nebraska: Honestly, It’s Not For Everyone”:

“But research shows Nebraska is so low on American travelers’ radar that, hey, maybe a little self-deprecating humor is worth a try.

In 2012, Nebraska research showed people outside of Nebraska were barely aware of the state as a vacation destination. Only 17 percent were likely to vacation here. And “Portrait of American Travelers” surveys have shown that since at least 2013, Nebraska has been the least-likely state for people to visit.”

This reminds me of a quote by Colin Cowherd, which if you can laugh at yourself, is actually pretty funny:

People think I hate the Midwest. I don’t, I love it. I fly over it all the time.

I live in Southeastern Nebraska. A friend of mine from Texas visited a few years ago. We were driving and he mentioned how beautiful it is here in this state. Of course he expected it to be completely flat and as many know the further east you head in Nebraska the less flat it becomes.

Then don’t forget the Sand Hills. I have not personally been, but it will happen soon. I hear time and time again that you don’t feel like you’re in Nebraska when you are out there. It is beautiful.

Nebraska has a ton to offer outside of what people outside of the state assume is here. So I do not have any issue with the new attempt at branding. There are a lot of gems in this state.

One gem, I would like to keep a secret, is so unknown that I took my family there. We were eating a picnic on a bridge stretches across a main river and there are several areas to sit and eat as you enjoy the river.

I sent a picture to my friends and many of the responded with “Where are you at?” Then I told them and they all said, “Oh I didn’t know that existed.”

All of these friends grew up five to ten minutes from this spot. In fact, I didn’t know it existed until I stumbled upon it looking for somewhere new to fish. I walked up to it and said out loud...“What the....”

While Nebraska could do a better job bringing people here to spend their tourism dollars, they could probably also do a better job of letting us Nebraskans know what is all going on around us.

And when it comes to that new tourism motto, my first initial thought was that it is so bad that it might just work.

If you really want to know the “secret” spot then email or tweet me. You can also in the comments and I’ll try to find it but I don’t always read all of the comments.

You know what else isn’t for everyone? Being a Nebraska football fan in 2018.

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