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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Lose: Minnesota

Not the victory, but the action

Nebraska v Minnesota

I have a funny feeling Nebraska was waiting until they won a game to reveal the alternate uniforms because of what is written on the back on the jerseys. I’m sure everybody is tired of reading how Nebraska going to lose this game, so let’s get this over with.

Playing “Not to Lose”

There was a lot of criticism this past week against the coaches calling the previous game against Northwestern trying not to lose in the fourth quarter. I think the coaches realized after the game that was a bad move, and staying aggressive like Scott Frost has said is probably the way to go.

Who knows, maybe Nebraska will be up by 10 this week and Nebraska will just try to not lose instead of playing to win the game.


I don’t even know what to say at this point of the season. After a great first game against Colorado the defense seems nonexistent at times, if not all the time. With that being said, the defense has started the previous two games fairly strong.

The defense only gave up one touchdown in the first half, but then allowed Northwestern to score 20 points in the second half and overtime. The secondary seems like it just can’t stop a pass, even the check downs seem to result in 10 yard gains. The penalties have been killer on defense, and I don’t expect it to be any better this week.

Speaking of penalties...


Nebraska is still last in the FBS in penalty yards per game. In our Slack chatroom we had an argument about the amount of penalties called on Nebraska. I have the mindset that Nebraska causes a lot of the penalties themselves, but when the opponent only gets one penalty the whole game something seems fishy to me. That being said, this needs to change this off-season. I’m past the point where this can be fixed on a weekly basis.

It won’t.

These penalties are going to continue to haunt us for the rest of the season.


I’m going to make something clear from the start, I’m not blaming the offense for anything at this point of the season. The reason I included the offense on this list is because of how inconsistent they have been in games this season. It seems like it really can't get going until the second half.

Think back to last game against Northwestern. If the offense would’ve scored at least twice more in the first half it could’ve ended up being a blowout. That didn’t happen and Nebraska dropped its sixth game of the season.

Nebraska Doesn’t Know How to Win

Nebraska’s last win came against Purdue on October 28, 2017. The Minnesota game comes 357 days after Nebraska’s last win. This team flat out doesn’t know how to make that one play that will put the dagger in the opponent. Nebraska doesn’t know how to win, and if the Huskers want to win this week they’ll have to figure it out.

Nebraska doesn’t know how to win, and it’s as simple as that.